Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Look What I'm Buying!!!

I 'found' this on Craigslist and the owner is anxious to sell it as she needs more space in her home.  I can't believe my luck as she only wants $10.00 for it!!!  Will be picking it up this evening.
It's a 1914 model Singer Sewing machine
I didn't even ask if it works lol, not for $10!!!!  But that really doesn't matter to me as my interest lays mainly in the cabinet.  I'll be putting my own sewing machine on top of it, giving me more 'space' on the table I have it on now for crafting.
Isn't it a beauty?!! 
I have to clear some space for it now, Lord only knows where I'm going to put the 'stuff' that's in the space already, but I WILL make room for it!

Has anyone been getting comments on their blogs that is all ?????????????'s
It's driving me crazy as I've had this on all of my personal blogs over the past few months.  The poster never has any info on themselves, and most times does not have a blog of their own.  Very annoying.  I just delete those posts but wondered if anyone else gets them too. 


  1. That Singer looks like one my mother has! It's a beauty. Nope I'm not getting ???? on my comments.

  2. I see you don't have the word verification on. I have that turned on onto my blog to help keep spam down.

  3. Neenee,
    Wow take that and RUN!! I was lucky enough to find one of those was pretty cheap to but not that cheap. Mine has a cover so my husband adapted my sewing to it. I blogged about it here.

    I use word verification.......I do still get spam on in a while....very frustrating
    Hugs, Lynn

  4. $10.00 what an amazing bargain!!! Beautiful!

  5. That's quite a find! Lucky you!
    I have my great grandmothers sewing machine and I treasure it. My great aunt called me one day (about 20 years ago) and said, "If you want this old sewing machine you had better come and get it now or I'm taking it to the thrift store!" I was there in about 10 minutes to pick it up!!! It still has all the little attatchments and bobbins and things.

    (I have been getting some weird comments, too. I just delete them, but they are a little worrysome. I changed my password and haven't gotten any maybe try that.)
    Take care-

  6. Hi, If you ever remove the sewing machine from the cabinet you could make the machine into a lamp. I don't have a blog but I do enjoy reading yours. That is quite a bargain. Cindy

  7. $10! That's like a really great bargain. I mean talk about classic stuff, my grandma had one just like that! Really brings back some memories. I just like reading and replying to blogs rather than having my own ;)