Thursday, February 04, 2010

Picked Up My 'New' Old Sewing Machine Cabinet

My daughter helped me pick up my $10 deal of the day last night.  We had good directions but I guess I'm not a good 'co-pilot' because we missed a turn and went a few miles out of our way.  I still can't believe my good fortune.
The seller told me that this was purchased at an antique store many years ago and that he was told it was a 1914 model.  I don't know that for a fact though.
You can see the sewing machine underneath the cabinet.  I don't know if that's how this was made or if there is a 'drawer' missing that should have hidden it from view.

I just love the intricate wood work on the drawers.  The middle drawer is missing a knob but I'm fairly certain I can find one similar to replace it. 
The photo does not do the side justice.  The detail is really pretty. 
As you can see there are several 'chips' marking the top 
The sewing machine inside the cabinet 
I don't have a clue if the sewing machine works.  Even if it did, there is no manual.  But I really only wanted the cabinet to set my own sewing machine on, so it really doesn't matter to me if it works. 

Now I have another open spot on my craft table since I moved my sewing machine, giving me more room for crafting!  Right now the table is pretty cluttered so I need to clean up, put things away so I can get back to work!
Hope you enjoyed seeing my  newest addition to my sewing craft room!


  1. its lovely - you did a fantastic job finding this bargain!

  2. What a wonderful find!

    This looks just like one of mine, and there IS a drawer, but even if it is missing, who cares???


  3. yes, I remember seeing my mother sewing on one like this.. there was a little drop-out drawer for small items like bobbins, needles, small wooden spools of thread , etc. but hey,,, you
    got a nece antique in pretty good shape.
    Hang onto it..


  4. oh ya, that was so worth it!!!

  5. Congratulations on your sewing machine table. It is beautiful!! Looks so good in your room too. Take Care and God Bless! Donna,

  6. Congratulations on your "new" sewing table! It looks really good in your craft room and the extra space on your table will be great too. The missing knob, scratches, etc., add lots of character to your treasure! Take Care and God Bless! Donna,

  7. Wow NeeNee 10 bucks ?!?!?! That has got to be THE BEST DEAL EVER ! You got a gem there.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  8. Hi Denise. I just love your blog and just happened to run across it today! I feel like it's my lucky day. I love your crafts and do primitive stuff as well. I do have a blog if you would like to check it out sometime when you have a chance. It's I'm having a giveaway right now for my 100th post but I'm still new to blogging for I can't figure out how somethings work still. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful treasures. I too have a singer machine that was my grandmothers and its in need of some repair but it's such a wonderful piece that I wouldn't give anything for it. I'll be sure to add you on my list and thanks again for having such a wonderful blog.

  9. What a great bargain! Congratulations! There is a site online where you can find out the age of your machine. I think you just need the info off the id plate. You can also get some manuals for these older treadles free online (or you could a few years ago. Might be worth checking it out. I love old machines! Thanks so much for the free patterns and the instructions for colouring them in. I always wondered how it was done.

  10. What a positively beautiful piece of furniture!! I am an interior decorator, and just love finding the beauty in the old. I just recently found a BEAUTIFUL piece, myself. I found a late 1800's upright black piano - with all the wood cravings, ornate detials, etc!! And, I got it FOR FREE - provided that I paid to move it. It is THE focal piece when ever anyone enters my home. And, it works!! My 6 year old daughter is starting piano lessons in a few months!!! How Cool - thanks for sharing your pics!!!