Monday, February 22, 2010

Table Centerpiece

Hello all
Hubby and I just returned from Atlantic City on Sunday eve after 5 wonderful days of our mid winter/ Valentine's vacation.  The weather was great considering the snow New Jersey received the week before.  I guess that sea/salt air helps to melt the snow quicker there than it does here in Pittsburgh.
 I thought I'd share with you my dining room table centerpiece.  I placed a large wreath of red, green &  gold berries in the center of a wooden lazy susan. The berries are much darker than the photo shows.  I placed a glass hurricane shade in the center of the wreath and inside that, one of those wax coated battery operated candles.  I like to turn it on in the evening when it's dark and it makes a cozy 'night light'.
A reminder to those of you who downloaded my free bunny template for my bunny challenge on my Prim Patterns 'n Handmades blog: Photos of your completed bunny should be emailed to me at by midnight (EST) Wed. Feb. 24th.  I'll be posting all the photos for everyone to see the different ideas you talented ladies all came up with using the same template with no instructions on Thurs. the 25th.   We have 6 entries as of today....I know a lot more than 6 ladies downloaded that free template!!! ~wink~

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