Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jonah's Bunny

I made this bunny for my 6 year old grandson Jonah.  He choose a fabric that has lots of trucks that little boys love to play with, dump trucks, fire engines, tractors, etc.
 I gave his bunny whiskers.  They're just 6 strands of black floss and to stiffen them I dipped my fingers in mod podge and rubbed the floss between my fingers to coat them after they were attached.
My 3 year old granddaughter wanted to know where his mustache was since it's a boy bunny, LOL.
I have one more to make for my youngest granddaughter Bella who is now 5 months old.  Mommy will keep it up on her shelf until she's old enough to have it. 


  1. NeeNee, Jonah's bunny is darling and love the tractor outfit! I can imagine Jonah is so proud that his grandma made this for him. Love the hair and whiskers.

  2. The bunnies are so adorable Denise.. That had to be fun for the kids to design their own bunnies by choosing their own material.. Happy Easter!!

  3. The bunnies are so adorable!! I love their patterns.. I bet the kids loved choosing their own patterns... The hair & wiskers are cute also..