Monday, April 12, 2010


I wanted to share this bunny drawing with you that my 10 year old granddaughter Jordyn made with chalk on our front sidewalk.  Her mom is the one that noticed that if you looked at it upside down, it still looks like a bunny!  Jordyn did not do this on purpose, but we think it's so neat ( and clever).
 Here it is - right side up.  You can see where she colored in the ears with some pink chalk and her bunny has blue eyes and a pink nose.
Now when you look at it  upside down, this is what you see:
It looks like the bunny's head is turned to the left and that his arms are raised up.  The feet are now the ears and the ears are now the feet.
We had Easter dinner at my sister-in-law's home this year and it was so nice out that she was able to set up tables and we ate outdoors.  The grandkids all brought their bunnies that I made them but I forgot to get a pic of the youngest, Baby Bella with hers.  She was sleeping at the time I took the other photos and well, gramma does get very forgetful these days.
 Here are all four bunnies up in the cherry tree.  Yeah, everyone thought I was a dork for posing them like this, but I thought it might be cute.
Jordyn  10
Jonah 6 1/2
 Ayden Grace 3 
She cracks me up with all the faces she makes lately whenever we take photos.  She reminds me of my youngest daughter who would never just smile for photos, she had to pose and she made such goofy faces that her dad would tell her to get out of the pictures, LOL but I would say leave her, those are going to be great memories.


  1. Great pics Neenee...thanks for the bunnies! Your grandkids are too cute!

  2. Awe your grandhildren are so precious! I kinda like mine too!