Monday, April 12, 2010

A Few 'Goodies'

Hubby and I had a really nice relaxing week away.  You hate to see it end, but it's good to be home again too. I especially miss the grandkids when I can't see them for a few days.  
I picked up a few new items for myself on this trip.
I purchased this great colonial look wooden distressed candle chandelier at the Maumee Antique Mall in Ohio.  This is one of my favorite antique malls with well over 200 dealers.
I picked up this little wooden spice cabinet at another antique shop and I plan to paint and distress it black.  I'm going to keep the porcelain knobs, I like them.  The cabinet will go in my sewing room to store small items like rusty pins and stars.  I'm hoping I can find a place to hang it otherwise it will sit on my craft table.
I bought this magazine rack with the idea of displaying some of my most used craft patterns.  I only set a few in so you get the idea.
Some fabric and ruffled trim for some dolls I want to make soon.
I purchased this candle with oil and reeds at The Country Store of Geneva in Geneva IL.  I loved the idea.  The candle itself is heavily scented and the center is hollowed out a bit. You pour the candle oil in the center and stick the reeds inside to absorb the oil.  Once the reeds have absorbed quite a bit, you turn the reeds around so the tops give off the scent and the bottom soaks up some more oil.  The idea is great.  Unfortunately I had a problem.
I set the candle on my plastic tablecloth and filled the hollow with the oil and reeds.  My daughter and grandbaby stopped by for a visit so I left everything as it was.  Shortly afterwards I took her in to the dining room to show her what I had bought and oil was leaking out onto my tablecloth and soaking through that onto my good oak wood table.  This is what happened to my tablecloth.
You can see how it discolored the tablecloth and I was freaking out about the table underneath, but I cleaned it up and am relieved it's fine (after a good cleaning with a soft rag and Behold).  I would never have imagined the scented oil doing this. There is a small hole on the underside of the candle.  It's a shame that a 'cylinder' that would fit inside the hollow doesn't come with it.  A thought for candle makers.  In the meantime I will pour out the oil and line the inside with some foil to prevent further leakage.


  1. Great finds! Love that little cabinet. I live about 30 minutes from Geneva and should make it up that way myself....haven't been there is a good long while.

  2. love your prim goodies! Great job! :)

  3. You really did well with your finds! Love, love the candleabra! What a shame about the oil leaking on the tablecloth - glad the wood underneath wasn't ruined.