Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Americana Pillow - Through The Night With The Light......

I found that I really enjoy stitching up pillows and this is my latest, an Americana Pillow.  It's 16" long by 10" high.
 A few years back I purchased a similar smaller pillow from a fellow crafter for myself.  Sadly, my then 2 year old grand daughter tugged on the threads and they are all coming out and I have every intention of restitching the pillow but wanted to make another one to sell.  The original pillow had 2 stick figures, one a girl and the other a boy, both holding flags with the saying 'Through the night from the light from above' .  I chose to just use the girl and added my own 'fireworks' and the word USA.  I would like to give credit to the original designer for the stick figure image, but I don't know who it is and the woman I bought the pillow from thought it might have been a 'freebie' design and doesn't remember who made it.  If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give proper credit.  Thanks!
I used a plaid red, white and blue homespun for the back.
The front has been stained with coffee & vanilla.
Our night out last Saturday at the Sesame Inn was really nice.  We had a great dinner (shared) of Amazing chicken, Sesame chicken, vegetable lomein, vegetables in a garlic sauce and coconut shrimp.  I did have my first Zombie cocktail, and I LOVED it!!!!  I will definitely be ordering another one in the future.
My son-in-law came home on leave from his tour overseas for 20 days, and met his 6 mo. old daughter Bella for the first time.  He has seen photos of her of course and has talked to her over the phone, but being able to actually hold and cuddle her had him in tears.  She took to him right away as if he'd always been around.  Sadly, he has to go back next week for another 5 months or so and then his tour is over.  He says it will be very hard to leave her and thank goodness for the internet and telephones!


  1. I love your pillow! I am partial to patriotic
    items (one bedroom is done in it).. My house in TX has red walls, soft white trim and navy blue tab curtains in the living room...I will be changing that to something different. Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for the nice comment on my bathroom!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Your pillow turned out beautiful! I'm sure someone will let you know who did it.

    How wonderful that your SIL got to hold his little Bella! What a tender moment. I'm sure he'll carry those feelings with him for the next 5 months