Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Framed Samplers & Pillow

I've been busy stitching up some new framed samplers and a sampler pillow.  You can find them either in my webstore or on Etsy.

The pillow is a big one - it measures 16 1/2" high by 15" wide.  The border and backing is black plaid homespun.  It took a full bag of polyester filling to stuff it.
I went over to a local thriftstore on Monday afternoon looking for some frames and while I did find some, I passed them up because I can buy wood frames at the Dollar Tree for less than they were asking.  However, I did get a great deal on some Americana fabric - 6 yards for $2.49
This is my 3 year old grand daughter Ayden, helping me roll it up.
She wanted to do it by herself, so I let her and it's rolled into a ball now, LOL  I have to unball it and reroll it before I have to iron the entire thing before I can use it, LOL


  1. Hello Ne Ne....Gonna be a hot one today...keep cool!

    Love the samplers....Ayden looks like she was having fun! She's a cutie.

    Have a great day!


  2. The samplers are great!( and your daughter a sweetheart!0

  3. I love your pillows and stitcheries! Ayden is adorable lucky are you to have such a great little helper to fold your fabric for you! Its in the 90's here today .....just hope its no to hot when you decide to iron your fabric!!! LOL!

  4. I love your work! Where do you get your frames? I've looked many places and cannot find them....

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Anonymous - I buy my frames at the Dollar Tree - plain wooden ones and I paint and distress them myself.

  6. Denise, Your samplers are beautiful!!! And that little granddaughter is cute as a bug!


  7. Hi NeeNee,
    I just love your stitcheries ~ they really inspire me to get going on mine too!! Check out my Blog at
    I would love for you to become a follower of mine as well.