Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spice Cabinet Re-do

This is the spice cabinet I purchased for $14 at an antique store while on our Chicago road trip a few weeks ago.  It was hand made, the drawers made from old cheese boxes. The back was made from 4 separate pieces of wood.  I decided I wanted to paint and distress it and this is my result.
It's an 84 degree day here in Pittsburgh, ceiling fans are on trying to keep cool as I'm not a hot temperature lover.  Going to the Sesame Inn in an hour to have dinner with the family, I'm going to order some Amazing Chicken and have me a dinner cocktail - a Zombie.  Never had one before so it's about time.  The menu says only 2 allowed, very potent, so I'll be feeling either pretty good tonight or REALLY feeling the heat.  Might have to blast the AC later.  Hope you all are enjoying your own weekend!!


  1. Love your spice box! It turned out nice. You have 84 and we have snow! 84 is a bit hot but anything would be better than more snow at this point!

  2. What a wonderful make over....looks great.
    The Inn sounds like it's wonderful and hopefully you got the entre you wanted and for sure the ZOMBIES....
    Hugs, karen

  3. I like your little cabinet, great make
    over! It was really hot and sticky
    here last night from storms, so we put
    the air on...Have a great weekend....
    Thanks for the compliment on my bathroom!

    Bear Hugs~ Karen

  4. terrific redo.I love distressed items and this is definetly a keeper!! Val

  5. Great job on your spice cabinet! It looks wonderful! Hope you enjoyed your drink!

  6. Your spice cabinet looks great! I love Pittsburgh! Haven't been there in years though. Hope you survived the Zombie!

  7. just checking in with you from 5min4mom and am finding this great blog you have.

    lovely projects, eg. i really dig how you redid this cabinet, inspiring.

    what i have for you? well, my site is jampacked with free craft tutorials, mostly recycle/reuse/refashion, like what you did with this cabinet.

    as well: themed craft projects that are easy and fun: just posted my own homemade relax tea recipe, to fill up a recycled LOVE JAR for mother's day...

    so, that's the sort of thing i/we do.

    see you soon,
    thanks for your inspiration.