Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Best Seller This Season?

The last two Springs and Summers I could barely keep up with orders for my mini sunflower bowl fillers.  They were my best seller.  This season I may have sold 3 sets.  What is selling well for me now is my stitchery pillows.  Naturally they are a bit more work, but I'm enjoying making AND selling them!  I'm currently working on 2 Pumpkins & Crow Autumn Harvest pillows for a customer.  She wants to give one as a gift and the other one she is keeping for herself.

So, what appears to be YOUR best selling item this season?


  1. There is no telling what sells good one year from the next is there Neenee.....I find the same thing...your products are all so wonderful so it's no surprise how wonderfully your things sell.

  2. That is such a cute pillow NeeNee!!!

  3. Hi ya Denise:) I like the way you've put your own uniqueness to your stitched pillows. Last year it was my rolling pin keeps and rolling pin dough bowl keeps. This year it's been my big dough bowl keeps.

  4. It is hard to figure out what will sell and what won't. I'm still trying to figure on what will also! lol You do a fantastic job. I love the pillows!

    Have a 'crafty' day,

  5. LOVE your pillows, Neenee! Very, very cute... great job! :-) So far, my candles and tarts have been selling the best lately (as we all climb out of the recession hole, slowly but surely). I'm anxious to see whether my other sales will pick up, though, once I have more stuff stocked on my site again. Best wishes with all your wonderful goodies! :-) Prim Blessings, Jodi