Saturday, June 05, 2010

Folky Favorites Pillow

I love how this pillow turned out.  The design is a Chestnut Junction pattern.  I had two different fabrics I liked for the border and backing but couldn't make up my mind which one I liked better.  I left the choice up to my 7 mo. old grand daughter Bella.  She chose this one.  I love it.

We've had two severe rain storms the past few days which has left many of us with water damaged basements and garages.  My husband has been working for 2 days to get the first flooded waters out and carpets dried ( indoor/outdoor) when it poured again today and more water got in.  We called our home owners and won't know until early next week if we're covered for water damage, but the carpet smells and we're worried about mildew setting in, so the chances are pretty good we're going to have to rip them out.  There's always someone worse off.  While we got approx. 3-4 inches of water ....a neighbor had 3 1/2 FEET of water in their newly refurbished basement and had to call in emergency restoration trucks.  We don't even live near a creek or river so I can only imagine the damage done to homes that are those vicinities.  
Our pool is finally open and while it wasn't a sunny day today, after the first rainfall I took two of my grand daughters in the pool to cool off since it's so humid.  The water was cold, but not freezing and we stayed in for almost an hour before the rains started again.  It was so refreshing.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. Hi Denise:) Oh boy, we had several thunder boomers today with downpours and our pumps in our basement are workin' overtime.
    You're startin' Bella out young. She made the right choice grandma:) I love it!

  2. Gorgeous pillow. Your granddaughter must be following in your footsteps!
    Mary Jo

  3. Hi Denise! Featured this cute pillow this morning :)

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