Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Working On Candlemats

Finished these up a couple days ago and working on some more to send to a consignment shop in Massachusetts.  
My husband went to Walmarts on Sunday to pick up some paint and I asked him to see if they had any Morning Glory fiberfill left.  He called to say no, but there were a couple large bags of a fiberfill called Fairfield that were 50 oz. bags.  I told him to go ahead and buy me 2 bags.  That came to $17 for approximately 7 lbs 10 oz.  I haven't worked with it yet since I've been working on stitcheries but I did want some on hand for when I started projects that I needed fill for.
Our pool was a mess last year.  I can count on one hand how many times we were able to get in it.  Early Aug. we were so disgusted we just closed it up.  We were positive that we'd probably have to buy a new liner.  We took the cover off on Monday morning and to our surprise the liner looked great.  We emptied the pool and Hubby got in Monday eve. to clean it out.  The sides needed scrubbed and there was a lot of 'gunk' on the bottom.  It took him several hours, but when he was done, it looked great.  By early evening yesterday the pool was filled with fresh water and hubby had picked up 50# of the Shockwave granules.  He got the filter and hoses hooked up and of course one of the hoses had sprung a leak near where it joins the connector to the pump.  So he applied silicone and wants that to dry for 24 hours before I can turn the filter on.  I'm bummed about that, it's really hot today and I was hoping to take the 2 smallest grandkids in it this afternoon.  So instead I turned on the AC and we're chillin'.


  1. Hi Denise:) Your candle mats are sweet! I love your blog:) and I want to know, was your hubby all shriveled up like a prune from being in the pool that long? LOL.

  2. You make such awesome candle mats!!!! Plus i love all your posts at Prim Mart!!!! Hugs spoonriverprim