Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back From Vacation

We had a WONDERFUL 2 weeks in Wildwood, New Jersey.  It only rained once and that was our last day and the rest of the time it was HOT HOT HOT so the beach was the place to be.
During our 2 weeks, we went to Cape May, the Cape May Zoo, bike riding on the boardwalk, shopping at WinterWood Christmas store, spent the majority of our time either at the beach or in the motel's pool which was just fine with me and the kids!
Now that I'm back home I am anxious to start working on my crafts again.  I just started a stitchery by Chestnut Junction called 'My Country' which will be a pillow.  My sister Diane sent me lots of her unused embroidery floss from when she was into cross stitching, and I bought colors I didn't have so I've also been winding those on little cards and organizing by colors.  I am only on greens right now and it's amazing how many different shades there are!  They will fill up an entire box of their own.  Diane says she has some embroidery storage boxes that I can have too.  I'll pick those up in August when we go to visit.
My next door neighbor Nancy's  deck fell off the house this morning.  It's approximately 12 feet off the ground.  She feels that the weight from all the snow we had this past winter had a hand in the deck pulling away from the house foundation.  Nancy and her husband always have a cookout on July 4th for their family and close friends but this year they were in Atlantic City for the 4th.    If the deck fell without any additional weight on it this morning I don't even want to think about how disastrous it would have been had they stayed home, had the cookout and all these people would have been sitting up on the deck when it fell.  Many of those young children and toddlers. 
We have a deck as high as theirs too, and also had tons of snow on ours.  When Tom comes home from work today, I will have him inspect the deck and make sure it is still secure.  Nancy's was built in 1983 and ours in 1986.
I don't have my 'get up and go' since returning from vacation.  There are so many things that I need to catch up on in the house, but I don't have the energy.  I finally did mop up the kitchen floor before lunch and my get up and go . . . went.  Think the grandkids and I will venture out to the pool for an hour or so.  Enjoy your day!!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time on
    vacation! Oh my, that would have been
    horrible if they had their family on it
    when it happened!!! Must be someone
    was watching over them. :) I am organizing
    my craft room, looking to start crafting,

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Welcome back gal! Your get up and go got up and went, ay? You've got "jet lag". It'll come back to ya:) Thank heavens noone was on that deck. Phew!

  3. What a fantastic vacation you had! Sounds like it's one I would enjoy as well.
    Been to Cape May and Atlantic City before and isn't Cape May just the best!

    Wow your friends were fortunate not to be on the deck...someone was watching out for them for sure and we know who.