Sunday, August 15, 2010

Snowmen Cupboard Tucks

  These are the snowmen ornies/cupboard tucks that I'm making.  My sister Diane crocheted the snowflake 'pockets' for me.  I'm undecided if I like the snowmen better with or without the hat.  What do you think?
I've tucked Sweet Annie, some red dried flowers and 2 stained candycanes each in the pockets.  The noses are satin stitched on.  On the snowman's hat I've attached stained cheesecloth, some red berries and 2 small rusty bells.
  I'm thinking Christmas already and haven't made one new Fall / Halloween item yet.  Must be because I'm trying to think colder weather to keep cool, this 90 degree temperatures and humidity is killing me slowly.  I just hope my snowmen don't melt. 


  1. I love these! I like the snowman with the hat! Too cute. I hear ya about this heat. I'm ready for fall already (but not winter!).

  2. I love these snowmen! No one can have too many of these cute guys. Thanks for sharing!

  3. NeeNee....LOVE THEM!!! They are just adorable and those delicate crocheted snowflakes are awesome. I really like the one with the hat!!

  4. Your snowmen are soooo cute! I like
    them both, but I think the one with
    the is the cutest!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hey NeeNee, I like them both! The hat could distinguish between the guy and the gal. Your sister's crocheting adds that lil xtra somethin' special.
    Oh Lord, this heat is makin' me complain to high heavens. Hang in there til the cool breeze gets here:)
    Cool hugs!

  6. These snowman tucks are so cute - I like the one with the hat best, but they are both adorable.
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    Blessings - Wendy @