Thursday, August 19, 2010

Snowmen Ornies - Sept. Giveaway

These are on the same order as the Snowmen cupboard tucks I made a few days ago, only smaller.  These have jute hangers on them for the Christmas tree.  I made these 2 for my sister Diane and plan to make more ( for myself, and my shops )  I just love them!
In this next photo you can see the difference in size compared to the tucks
Tomorrow I am headed to the Detroit area ( Ferndale) with 2 of my daughters to visit my sister Diane and hold her first grandchild/grandson Avery for the first time. 
Isn't he a cutie?
Avery is 5 months old.  His cousin Bella, my 10 mo. old granddaughter will also meet Avery for the first time, and I'm looking forward to seeing her interact with her little cousin.  I always get confused about the relationships when it comes to first and second cousins - once removed, twice removed........Avery's dad and Bella's mom are FIRST cousins.
Bella loves corn on the cob just as much as her Mommy does.
It's been quite a while since I had a giveaway so it's about time I have another one, don't you think?  
I'll be posting about it when I get back from my weekend trip to Detroit.
Yinz all ( Pittsburgheze) come back now, y'hear?


  1. I love the snowman ornies!
    Enjoy your trip. :)

  2. Avery is a cutie. I do adore those snowmen too.
    My oldest is 22 and his name is Avery :)
    Have a good day,

  3. Oh Bella's name fits her perfectly. She certainly is a beauty. So isn't her momma. Avery looks like he could grow up and be a linebacker:) Time will tell, and it'll go by quick.
    I'm lovin' your snowmen ornies gal:) They look made with TLC.
    Have a safe trip and don't forget your camera:)

  4. I love your snowmen. I just got back from Upstate NY my daughter got married and I got to see my 6 grandbabies. I had to come home for a vacation lol. Debbie

  5. These snowmen are adorable!!! As is your grandbaby; my DD just had my first granddaughter last Tues; Being a grandma is the best!!! Love your site hun.

  6. Your snowman ornies are wonderful! I love the little ones, too. Great idea.
    Mary Jo

  7. The babies are adorable. Our youngest grandchild is 4 and it doesn't look like we'll have anymore. It will be interesting to see pictures of them together. You have a lovely family. 8=) ★Linda★
    I'm having a giveaway. Stop over and check it out.

  8. ooh look at those chubby cheeks gorgeous babies. Love the snowmen!