Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bella's 1st B'day

 This is Bella with her Poppy ( my hubby).  Her official 1st birthday is Oct. 27th, but we celebrated on Sat. the 23rd with a big family/friends party.  There was approx. 40 of us.  Lots of good food and drink and my daughter bought a cupcake shaped Piñata for the kiddos.
Here you can see the birthday girl pulling the first string.

Here she is with her Momma ( daughter Carey)
Here are some of the kids waiting their turn patiently.  The little girl in the flowered top is grandaughter Ayden and her brother Jonah is 2 boys behind her in the striped brown shirt.
Take notice of the 2nd boy in line.....lol....he plays a HUGE part in the evenings ending.

This is Jonah and Ayden's older sister, my oldest grandchild Jordyn.  Her mom ( my oldest daughter Deana) is standing behind her in the blue top cheering her on.

All the kids got a turn to pull a string and the Piñata never broke open.  So we brought out a stick for them to hit it with.  They all got several turns.  It still did not break, although at one point it did fall on the ground, still unbroken. Some of those kids were whacking the heck out of it, the boy in the red shirt was like a mad man, LOL  he actually had to be pulled off the Piñata so the other kids could have a turn.
My youngest daughter's boyfriend then tried to rehang the Piñata.  As soon as he let go, it fell and it broke open and all the kids screamed and pounced on each other to grab up the candy that was spilling out.  They loved it.  One little guy cried though because it broke before he got another chance to swing at it.
Here's Ayden, goofy kid, LOL  she decided to wear the broken cupcake as a hat.
Now sometime between the Piñata and eating the cake, the boy in the red shirt got sick and did some projectile vomiting.  I assumed too much candy.  Turns out he had been sick at home earlier that day but was feeling better so he came to the party with his mom.  Carey's friend Cristy cleaned up the floor ( not the boy's mom)
Bella had a nap at 1 pm but it was a long day for her and as you can see in these next photos, she looks very tired.
Here she is with her own little 'smash cake'
doesn't look too excited does she?  lol

She was very delicate in her eating of the smash cake.  Used her fingers to get some yummy icing.  Never did smash the cake.

On Sunday I went to a craft show with my daughters Deana and Nicki and grandaughter Jordyn.
We had a great time, spent about 4 hours and bought lots of goodies.
Later that night Jordyn developed a temperature of 101 with some body aches.  By morning, she wasn't feeling any better and had to miss school and an outing with her class that was going on a 2 day camping trip.  Ayden was throwing up and Mom Deana wasn't feeling well.
Tuesday, all three were still sick and Jonah was sent home from school sick.  Daughter Nicki called to say she was also sick. Tuesday night ( last night) hubby got sick, as did his sister Caren and Bella.  This morning Caren's husband is sick.  We were all thinking food poisoning from the party....but not everyone ate the same foods except for the birthday cake.
  So far, I feel fine as does Bella's Mom Carey.
I'm wondering if the little boy in the red shirt who did some projectile vomiting at the party passed on a virus or flu bug.  It's difficult to say.  As of right now - 13 who were at the party has gotten sick with flu like symptoms.



  1. eewww sound like you had a good time at the party anyway... The children are lovely! Hope you don't catch anything!

  2. sounds like you've already found your culprit.
    your Bella is a sweetie. Sorry everybody had to get sick......

  3. Sorry so many of your family have been sick - hope all are well very soon.

    Bella is a little doll - how wonderful that you were all able to celebrate with her.

  4. I'd say it's a good bet you all caught a bug from the mad man kid. Mom should have kept him home.
    Bella sure is a beautiful lil one year old. She looks like she's wondering "what's all the hubbub bub?"

  5. Glad everyone is better.. Bella looked just so happy and beautiful at her 1st birthday.. And all the kids had a great time with the large CUPCAKE~~LOL