Friday, October 15, 2010

More Recipes Added

I added some new appetizers, salads, desserts & sauces to the Family Favorite Recipes Page.

I've been busy taking things out of my cabinets and curios in the dining room and boxing them up to get ready for the carpet installers on Nov. 1st.  I have too much 'stuff' to wait until the last minute plus I like to pull out the furniture to clean behind it when I have the chance.  Hoo boy, did I have a mess behind my buffet.  I cleaned in the Spring but you wouldn't know it.  There was at least an inch of dust balls on the carpet behind the buffet and along the baseboards.  Stirring up all that dust really got my sinus' going and I was constantly sneezing.  I cleaned the window blinds which is another job I hate, but somebody has to do it.  I can be pretty impatient when I want something done.  I'm not supposed to move any heavy furniture due to my heart condition.  I should have waited for Tom to come home from work to move the buffet but in the time I would have waited for him to get home I had all the cleaning done.  When he did come home he didn't scold me but did tell me not to move it back that he would after dinner.  Dinner came and went and it was now 7 pm.  I like to settle in by 8 so we can watch some TV before Tom has to go to bed which is usually between 10 and 10:30.  My daughter and her boyfriend were here and had Tom engrossed in football talk, so being my impatient self, I tried to move the buffet back myself so I could finish putting the room back in order.  I didn't want to hurt myself, so was using my legs/knees to help me push it back.  I was almost there too, when my knee slid from the wood part and went through the leaded glass panel on one of the doors.  I did not get cut but I'm heartbroken that I ruined the glass.  I got yelled at of course. For being impatient.
We had the buffet specially made by a guy we know who makes wooden cabinets for slot machines.  He normally makes one and two door, but made me a three door so it would be the right size.  The leaded glass panels are similar to panels on my china hutch.  Not identical, but close enough.  I was able to get hold of the guy to see if he had any extra panels he could sell me.  He is no longer making the cabinets but he did have a couple panels left and would sell me one for $95.  Ugh....not what I wanted to hear.  Was hoping it would be closer to $40.
Anyway, I found someone online who also makes similar cabinets and emailed him to get a price for the panels which were identical to the one I broke.  I'm waiting to hear back from him to see what his price is to compare with the other one.
Be patient Denise, be patient.


  1. Ouch! Glad that you weren't hurt though. I'm impatient "in a minute" isn't quite what my hubbys "in a minute" is. I probably would have tried to move it back myself too. Sorry you broke the glass.


  2. You know what they say, more haste less speed... I would of done the same as you though, why wait when you can finish something!
    Hope you get your panel fixed soon!

  3. Oh Denise you sound like me, I want it done when I want it done. My hubby has lots of patience and I have none. We are quite a pair.8-) I am glad you are not hurt, that could have been really bad. Be careful!! 8-)

  4. Awww, NeeNee:( You baaad lil girl. I'm so glad you didn't get cut or hurt. You probably felt bad enough for fitting punishment, plus add the replacement cost to that. Well, I do that sorta thing myself though, but shouldn't. I hope you don't have to pay an arm and a leg or should I say
    I'm off to check out your new recipes!