Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lots To Share Today

 I will have to try to remember to copy and save my post so I won't lose it today.  Whatever key I was accidentally hitting on my laptop keyboard deleted everything yesterday and when I checked to see if anything had 'saved' in Edit Posts.........it was all gone.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times and I gave up.
I wanted to share a photo of this awesome Snowman Doll that Pat Moore from Yellow Sweet Potato made for me in exchange for helping her set up a selling blog.  The pattern is from Sweet Meadows Farm.  Love this doll!!  Thanks again Pat!
Now some photos of goodies I bought on our trip last week.
Here are 3 of the crocks/jugs I bought and a blue enamel pan.  My favorite jug is the one on the left.  It has a spout and a corn cob plug. 
Here is a closeup.  I also separately bought some rusty star & berry sprays that I displayed in the dark brown crock.
These are some tin switch plates I bought that I will put up in my dining room after hubby paints the walls.
Some Homespun I bought at JoAnns in Ohio.  We don't have these patterns at our JoAnns here in Pittsburgh.  They are really limited in their selection of homespuns which is very disappointing so I was thrilled to find these.

This is a Christmas berry swag I found in an Antique store.  I thought at first it was part of a display but was happy to find out it did have a price tag on it.  It has Santa boots, mittens and hats on it along with lots of rusty bells.
Bought this Fall Wreath at Hobby Lobby for $10  - it was half off.  We don't have Hobby Lobbys in the East.
Got these at Hobby Lobby too - half off
Another Hobby Lobby purchase - half off Tree skirt front
tree skirt back
A hanging shelf.  Haven't decided yet if I will paint this or not.
More than likely I will but not until after the Holidays.

When I was so 'rudely' deleted yesterday, lol, I was trying to tell the story about a Millionaire ( Paul)  that hubby and I met while at the Gameroom show.  He's from New York and serves as a financial advisor for some Fortune 500 Corporations and is a director of Discovery Communications and serves as director on a number of college boards.  He owns a horse farm and collects old cars.
How did we meet him?  Well, two friends of ours also from New York,  Neil and Teran, are collectors like my hubby.  Teran met Paul who lives only 4 miles from him a few years ago.  As I mentioned, Paul collects old cars and has approx. 27 of them.  He was directed to Teran and hired him to work on his cars.  Teran is a retired State Trooper.  Paul also has a couple old jukeboxes and Teran was telling Paul about the Chicagoland Gameroom show.  Paul was fascinated and decided that he would fly in Thurs. night and asked if Teran and Neil would show him around.  Friday morning at 5 am the guys all meet out in the parking lot so they can begin their hunt for some deals before the show actually opens it's doors for the vendors to start setting up inside.  Paul wanted to look at some advertising signs and Neil and Teran recommended my hubby Tom because he is the more knowledgeable of the three.  Tom walked around with Paul and helped him get some great deals on original signs and a few other things.
Friday nights we always go to Al Capone's Hideaway for dinner with Neil and Teran and Paul was included in our plans.  I met him for the first time before dinner.  What a nice guy!  If I didn't know who he was, he would just have been a regular Joe.  He told Tom that he had a wonderful time with us all and how relaxing it was.  His life is full of meetings and traveling, he doesn't get to hang out.  Tom says he sees Paul coming to all the shows now and becoming a permanent part of our Friday night dinners.  I'd like to mention that Paul wanted to pay for all of our dinners, but the guys wouldn't let him.  Told him that we divide the bill evenly.  Then he said, "Well, at least let me pay for Denise's dinner" but Tom said he got it.  The funny part ( to me anyway) was after the guys put their money on the table, Paul asked if we minded if he pocketed the money and he put the tab on his CC - he spent all his cash at the show!  He spent more money in 2 days than Tom makes in a year!!!  Paul asked Tom if he was a Steeler fan.  Oh yeah.  Did he go to the games?  No, can't get tickets.  Paul said one of his friends own 15% of the Steelers and if Tom would email Paul when we got home with the games he'd like to see this season, he'd send Tom tickets.
My morning got off to a rocky start.  3 year old Ayden has a bad habit of tugging on the dining room tablecloth and sure enough she knocked over my coffee cup which was half full all over the new carpet....and prior to that she had gone potty and forgot to shut the bathroom door.  While I'm mopping up the coffee mess, I hear my 1 year old gd giggling.....she was in the bathroom splashing to her delight in the used potty.  UGH.....hope there are no more events today, this old lady can't take any more surprises unless they are good ones!



  1. Hi Denise - Wow! You certainly had a packed blog post today. Love the snowman, the homespuns, the switch plates and well.... I enjoyed it all, ...except for the ending! lol :-X Hope the rest of the day was calmer.

  2. Love all your goodies but am really entertained by the activities of your young guests....they keep us going, don't they?

  3. No wonder you were frustrated with your last attempt that kept deleting! You packed a LOT into this post - and I loved it all. Well, except for the mishaps at the end. But one day you'll find those things funny, right? A long, long, long, time from now...
    Thanks for sharing all the treasures you found. I love that jug with the corn cob stopper!

  4. Denise... what an eventful time you've had! My favorites of your buys are the swag and wreath. Oh my word, 3 years old playin' in their pee. Po' Grandma:) Hang in there doll!

  5. Wow, Denise, you got some great goodies. I love the homespun - our Joann's doesn't have a very good selection. Enjoyed the story about the millionaire and the events of the show.

  6. I've deleted mine before with not knowing what key I was hitting...very frustrating!
    Love the snowman you got from Pat. I've done shows with her in the past and I just love her work. Last year I got one of her dolls to give to my friend for Christmas.
    You found some great goodies.

  7. Denise, I am green with envy!! That would be envy for your purchases not the kids antics.8-) With 9 grandkids though I have seen everything!! Seriously though, you found some awesome goodies. I love Hobby Lobby, we don't have prim shops or a Joanns in our town but at least we have a Hobby Lobby. Love the brown homespuns, I can never find the browns.
    Enjoyed your story about Paul, there are some really nice people in this world, glad you and Hubby got to meet him.