Saturday, November 27, 2010


 I really need to either stop sewing on my bed while watching TV (where I habitually stick my straight pins into the quilt within reach) or make sure to bring along my pin cushion.  I do have one.  I was making the bed yesterday morning and saw some blood on my side of the bed, right about where my legs would have been.  Didn't think too much about it until I pulled up the quilt and started to smooth it out... and OUCH...something pricked my hand and gave me about an inch of a 'scratch'.  Upon looking to see what could have caused this, I found a straight pin still stuck into the quilt.  I found two more.  Now I know where the blood came from.  During the night I must have jagged myself on a pin or two or three.........sure am glad I must have been in a deep sleep and never felt it. :P 



  1. I can relate Denise - I'm always dropping them and then finding them at a later date ...with my foot! I've had some stick way in - OUCH....try to be careful dear!

  2. Aayep... stepped on a few in my time. Definitely a habit we'll have to break:)

  3. I have left pins in the arm of the recliner. When I get up to get a drink or something, then hubby thinks he needs to sit in the recliner. He will scratch his arm and start saying a few words. You would think HE would learn not to do that!! LOL

  4. Hey Denise, I am the world's worst at losing pins and needles. We now have hardwood floors so not as bad as when we had carpet and we found them with our feet!! Glad you could sleep through it though.8-)

  5. Ah-ha! Now I know how you get as much done as you do, you craft in your sleep!! I hear you about the lost pins; I lost a sewing needle in my chair about a week ago and I'm just waiting for the day I sit down and get jabbed you know where! Hope you found all the stray pins and are healing! Deb