Sunday, December 05, 2010

Monkey Finally Finished

 The third time was the charm on the monkey's tail.  Yay!  But once again I was having trouble with the head this time.  After ruining the first head I decided to just do it my own way and this is how it turned out.    He is made of tan flannel & has a red heart sewn on his chest.
A closeup of his face
His 3rd tail!!
Patiently waiting to be boxed up and sent to Michigan so his grandma can giftwrap him for her grandson Avery.  Avery's room is done up in a jungle theme.

 Throwing in a pic of my 2 youngest grand daughters.  They are cousins and love each other to pieces.  Ayden, 3 1/2 had to be rushed to the ER last Monday after having a bite of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  She broke out in hives.  Her older brother Jonah and their dad are allergic to peanuts and now we know that Ayden is too.  Another coincidence is that their daddy had eczema as a small child.  Jonah had a bad case as well and Ayden's was even worse ( I call it severe) she still suffers from it though Jonah's has disappeared.
 Their elder sister Jordyn had mild eczema and she is not allergic to peanuts.

I just received another order for a hanging goose - that makes 5 so far.  I'll be working on that all day tomorrow.  While I'm busy, I still don't seem to be making much headway, lol



  1. He's adorable Denise - I love him! Great job.

  2. Denise, he turned out wonderfully! Definitely worth all the trouble, I'm sure Avery will love him. Your two granddaughter's are too cute, what a lovely pink picture! Good thing they found out about her peanut allergy, it seems more & more people have it these days. Take care and happy goose making (hot sellers those hanging geese of yours, good on you!) Deb

  3. Love the monkey! He's so cute! And I've got one of those geese to make myself. Any tips or tricks I should know about?

  4. Hi Denise, well the monkey is quite spite of all the "monkey trouble"!!
    Your little granddaughters are so sweet!! Poor little Ayden, how scary that must have been. And to be allergic to the favorite staple of a child's life, how sad for your little grandkids.
    Have a great Monday!!