Monday, January 03, 2011

Another Prairie Doll & Newest Update On Hubby

 I just finished up this prairie doll ( my 3rd) a short time ago and listed it on my selling blog.
I'm also going to list her on Etsy & eBay to see how she does.
I think I'm going to make one more to include in a box of items I am going to send on consignment to Louisianna.  Americana items do well there so she is going to be holding a flag.

Tom went to the hospital this morning to have his injured arm Xrayed.  It is NOT broken/fractured.  The arm bone and surrounding tissue was badly bruised and he'll be sore for a while longer but the splint is gone and he can finally start to enjoy his retirement.
Here's a scary true story that happened to another letter carrier who works with Tom who fell on ice the same morning as Tom did.  This guy fell on his own sidewalk in front of his home, on his way to work.  He never made it to work, and when his wife found him, he was unconscious.  Four days later and he's still unconscious and has had 5 heart attacks.   He is in his early to mid 50's.
I feel so badly for that family as I know how I'd be feeling right now if that had been Tom. 


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