Monday, January 24, 2011

Hubby's Retirement Party

We pulled off the SURPRISE! Tom thought we were going to our friends/next door neighbor's 30th wedding anniversary surprise party.  Friday night I walked down to his sister's house and she helped me put together some food.  Normally when I go down, I'm not gone longer than an hour, hour and a half.  That night I was gone 3 hours and I was sure he'd wonder why I was gone so long.  Turns out he fell asleep on his chair watching TV and never knew how long I'd been gone!  Saturday morning he thought I was going to a craft show with his sister and that I was going to get a pedicure afterwards with one of our daughters.  Really, I had gone to the hall to set up and decorate with some family members and friends. 
Everyone was already at the hall when we arrived at 7 pm.  Tom was supposed to go through the door first and the DJ was going to play Take This Job And Shove It.  Tom had his hand on my lower back and nudged me through the door first.  But it worked out well, because I got to see his face when everyone began clapping for him.  There was no way he suspected anything, his face showed shock and he was just overwhelmed.  It was GREAT!!!

We had tons of good food rigatoni, stuffed cabbages, hot sausage sandwiches, hoagie salad, linguini salad, potato cheese casserole, Chinese coleslaw, mandarin orange jello dessert, cookies, cake.  We got a lot of compliments from guests saying it was like being at a wedding.
Bella had a wonderful time playing in a bucket of ice.
I'm waiting for my girls to send me some more photos.  This is all I have so far.



  1. Oh Denise so glad you pulled it off. What fun to surprise someone like that. I know he had to be thrilled when he walked in. You and Bella are a beautiful pair!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Denise, Toms party was like a wedding.. We had such a nice time.. It was so nice seeing everyone.. Thank you for having us being part of Toms retirement.. Love you both.. Bev & Craig

  3. What a wonderful celebration I hope Tom is all Healed up for his fall.

  4. Isn't it wonderful when all the planning and work actually pays off in the surprise. I so love that! And the pics of little Bella are adorable!


  5. I am a new follower of your it so far..will take the time to go back and read some of your older posts. Congrats on a job well done with hubby's surprise party!

  6. Glad the party went well. Bella is adorable.
    Best wishes on Tom's retirement. ENJOY!!!

  7. Hi Denise,
    It looks like you had a wonderful party, and alot of fun. At least Tom had no idea. Bella is just beautiful. What a sweetie!!!

  8. Looks like a nice surprize party!! I love your new hair style! it looks great!