Thursday, February 03, 2011

Finally Started Painting & New Listing

 Last weekend Tom and I painted the dining room and hallway.  We had a difficult time choosing a color as the colors I was considering, did not look good with the carpet scrap I took along.  We decided on Glidden's Dapper Tan.  We are going to use this in the living room as well.  Photo show carpet and wall color lighter than it actually is.  The register is white - so you will notice the wall is not white. 
Photo above shows the contrast between wall and ceiling, which is white.
The wall around the corner is the living room and is still white. Up in the corner of the doorway you can see some of the tan paint.  We're going to start on the living room in 2 more weekends.
It took us 7 hours just to tape, cut and paint one coat in the DR.  We had to cut 5 doorways in the hallway and 1 in the DR. What a job!  Luckily it did not need two coats.
We are showing our age, lol.  10 years ago we could have had both rooms done with two coats in the same amount of time.

I just added Hippity Hop to my selling blog
He measures 22 inches long


  1. Denise your newly painted room looks so beautiful.I love pictures with snow in them so I cannot help but admire your window painting. Just beautiful!
    What a sweet bunny for Easter too!

  2. Oh Denise you've been busy. It looks pretty. Painting plum wears me out and when we do it, I kinda work it out so hubby does the most of it::)

  3. Denise I hear you on that age thing.8-) What I used to could do and what I can do now, plum depressing sometimes.8-) Looks great though and I love the bunny!!
    Have a great week-end!!