Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Tree & Baby Chicks

 I left my bottle brush tree up after Christmas with the intention of making Valentine ornies to go on it and that never happened.  So I thought I would leave it up for Easter.  I purchased some cute Easter Bunny metal rim hang tags from eBay and hung them on the tree and picked up some cute little styrofoam eggs with glitter from the Dollar Store to hang.  I was searching for something else to add to the tree and came across a blog that had the cutest little baby chicks.  I had left a message asking if the pattern was the bloggers, as I would have purchased it.  She posted my message but never answered it, so I did a search and never did find a pattern exactly like the chicks, so I went ahead and drew out the basic shape myself and made them.  If anyone knows whose original chick idea this is, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!
I was going to prim these up but since the eggs on the tree are brightly colored I decided not to.
 Are you old enough to remember when live baby chicks used to be dyed pink, blue, purple, etc?
I'm going to pick up some fabric this weekend to make some colored chicks too.  These will be hung on the tree, but since I've only made three so far, I just stuck them in a basket for the photo.



  1. Oh Denise- That tree is sooo cute! And yes, I am OLD enough to remember the chicks being dyed different colors! My daughter and I just went up to Country Junction last week and they have incubators with the live baby chicks inside, and also a chicken coop inside the store with a rooster that crows non-stop. We loved it! Great job!

  2. the chicks are darling can't wait to see your colored chicks when you get them done. Great idea for the tree thanks for sharing hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  3. It looks nice NeeNee!! Those tags from the dollar tree look really prim too! I never see stuff like here!

  4. Hi Denise,
    I'm loving those baby chicks! I never thought about leaving my feather tree out to decorate for each holiday. I use to leave my smaller christmas tree out but it would take up to much room. I'll have to remember this next year. Yours is very cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Prim Blessings,

  5. I like your Easter display and those chicks are very cute!

  6. Those chicks are so cute! I love them! :0)

  7. Love the chicks and your tree looks great. I left my tree up that i used for my Prim mart swap ornies and decorated it for valentines and now easter. I've only seen pictures of colored chicks. I have chickens and am hoping for little chicks for easter but with the cold weather they are not laying. Can't wait to see more.

  8. Love the display. The tree is a good idea to decorate year round. The eggs in the baskit are so prim. I especially love the bunny.
    Country at heart

  9. Neenee, The chicks are adorable!!

  10. Denise - gresat job on the baby chicks. They are too cute! Yes, I remember the colored baby chicks. We use to ride the bus into down town and buy them at Kress. That was a little nickle and dime store. They were so colorful - loved the green ones the best. Then on the way back home riding on the bus they would chirp and chirp in their little shoe box with the holes in it. Awww, memories!

  11. Yes,I'm old enough to remember.. In fact, my husband worked at a feed store and they sold baby chickens and dyed some...our first daughter was about 5 years old and ... well of course, Dad had to bring her a colored chicken for Easter.. Poor little thing... it didn't last too long..
    well she was happy for a while anyway ... at the expense of a baby chicken...

    I lovE your baby chicks and the tree is tooo cute..

  12. Aww, those are cute chicks, and yes I can remember when they dyed the lil chicks. Your Easter display is right fitting:)

  13. Hi Denise, cute chicks!! Love that bunny too.8-) Glad to see you feeling better.