Monday, March 28, 2011

Results From Bunny Challenge - 2010

Since I shuttered my Prim Patterns 'n Handmades blog down and put my freebie patterns on this blog, I thought I'd share the results of my Bunny Pattern Challenge from 2010.  The bunny template is on the freebie page - no directions included, this challenge was to 'do your own thing'.  Didn't these turn out wonderful?  :)

Please click on each photo to be able to view larger images

Sharon of Keeper Of The Home creator
 She used paint pens to create Betsy's  face and blush on her face and ears.  The flower bouquet is hot glued to her hands.  Don't you just love the raggedy edges to her body !  
Bev Roddis creator
The Blessings Bunny Angel. 
 She's been stained with coffee and vanilla and her arms and legs are stuffed. She has tiny pink bows on her feet. Her pantaloons are made from white satin and tie with pink floss.  She has a pretty pink net underskirt and her dress is pink  with tiny black spots and black piping round the bottom. Then a lovely long bow from the top of the dress.  Her wings are made from pink felt and sewn on her back.  She has black button eyes and black stitched nose and mouth her whiskers are sisel. 
Amanda Stevens creator
Don't you just love her little pet that Amanda has named 'Potatoes'!!  
Debbie Wellinger creator
Spring Bunny

Judy Sheets creator
This is Ms. Chocolate Bunny dressed in her finest Easter attire!
I made her out of muslin and then painted her a chocolate brown. She has painted eyes and embroidered nose & mouth. Her dress is a pink floral cotton with a Battenburg collar and apron. I've placed a rusty pin holding a lace & rose on her collar and a rusty heart on her apron. She is holding a mini tin bucket that I've grungied up. In the bucket are 3 fabric eggs nestled in some Spanish moss.
Laurie Nuske creator
She wrote: I had your post  sent to me from one of my blog friends, and had to give it a whirl! When my father passed a few years ago, I took some of his gardening flannel shirts. I never knew what I would do with them,but when I saw your bunny, I knew I finally found what I wanted to use them for. This is made from 2 of the shirts, and I will also make a couple more for family members. What a great pattern! I decided not to add a face, but let the shirts speak for themselves, and added the butterfly applique as they are our symbol for Dad. 
Natalie Tomasello creator
Natalie stitched  a green vine with purple flowers on this bunny's apron.
Be sure to click on photo to get a good look!

Patti Hall creator
Patti wrote : I used a coffee and vanilla stained osnaburg for the body.  She has an appliqued wool nose, black button eyes, and her mouth and whiskers are black pearl cotton.  Her dress is a paisley print cotton in shades of tan, aqua and sage green.  Her loons are made from a green cotton print that coordinates with the dress.  I attached a vintage white button to the bodice of the dress.  She is holding a matching drawstring bag with "Jelly Bean Seeds" embroidered to the front.  She has a tiny matching bow attached to one ear.  I primmed her up even more by applying more of the coffee stain to both her body and the clothing. 
Sally ( no last name given) creator
Love this carrot pouch!
Shari Kraft creator
Isn't that doily basket cute!!!
Jean Barker creator
Harriet & Henry
Val McDonald creator
Val shared her onion skin dyeing tip:
I started off by dyeing my unbleached cotton with  onion skin dye.I just stewed my onion skin in water, just enough to nicely cover the skins and let it simmer till I liked the color. I made enough to fill a big mason jar so I put my dye in freezer containers and froze the remainder for later use. I don't know if you've ever tried this but is fun, fun, fun!!!  I'm going to try red onion skin next and I imagine you can get stain from beets and blueberries as well, the possibilities are endless. The onion skins gave my fabric a beautiful yellowish brown color.
Val used scraps from her sewing stash and painted on front teeth.  Whiskers are strong thread.
Melody Hunter creator
Pat deWilde creator 
Faye Henry creator
Bunny Pinkeep is stuffed with buckwheat hulls to keep needles & pins nice & sharp.
Bunny and clothes are coffee and vanilla stained.



  1. Lots of wonderful variations along with clothing and accessories.


  2. I love all the varations. Theres alot of talent out there. I made one a few weeks back useing that pattern.

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  4. Wow, that was a lot of bunnies. I love seeing the gals special touches. Aha! I won Jean's bunnies in her giveaway last year. Great talent all about blogland!

  5. ALL the bunnies are FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Makes me want to try my hand at this too!!!! JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER!!!!! :) Thank you for sharing!!!!! I'm going to browse around your blog now!!!!!!! :) MAY have to subscribe!!!!!

  6. These all turned out great!!! They are all so darn cute!

  7. They are all so wonderful! This was a great challenge! I had intended to join, but didn't. I do have my bunny, though; she lives in the family room on the fireplace.
    Mary Jo