Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teddy Bear Challenge Results - 2010

I wanted to share the 'results' of my Teddy Bear Challenge that I hosted on my Prim Patterns 'n Handmades blog last year.  It was a busy time of the year with craft shows so I didn't have as many participants as I would have liked, but was thrilled with the finished bears that were submitted.  Didn't they turn out awesome?!  The bear pattern template is on my Freebies Page, so if you haven't made the bear yet and would like to share your photo of your finished bear, email me a photo at and I'll post it for everyone to admire!

Meet Beasley, created by Val McDonald
"My bee skep is made from a round styrofoam ball cut to shape and wrapped in a golden colored yarn. My bees are made from navy beans with the wings cut from a plastic lid and painted white to show up in the picture but they are really cute left clear as well".
Val used both the smaller and larger head and submitted 2 bears - aren't they CUTE? !!
"Here is my second bear made from the revised head pattern. he's bee catching with his bug net which I made from a wire frame and a cheese cloth net. He's sitting on a wood stump gathered from the wood pile out back. His little body is made from tan colored flannel".
 Meet Dirty Gerty submitted by Amanda Stevens
Amanda  used coffee and chickory essence to darken Gerty.
Isn't her little quilt cute??!
 This Teddy submitted by Sheila of Primkinfokes
I love that Sheila used rusted safety pins for the paws and nose.
This Teddy submitted by Janette Paglianite
Janette says she was clueless about how to make an outfit for her bear, but I think she's adorable nekkid, don't you?!! 

Val, Amanda, Sheila & Janette, thanks so much for participating in this challenge.  I adore all of your bears and you each did such a super job!!!!   



  1. What wonderful variations on the pattern, all so different and unique.


  2. Everyone did an AMAZING job with their creations! ~.~