Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watermelon - Work In Progress

 A customer ordered two watermelons and while I HAVE made this before, this time both melons resemble loaves of bread.
 Notice in the pattern photo ( Sweet Meadows Farm) how the ends of the melons are more 'pointed'?  Try as I might, I couldn't get mine to do that!  So I forged on in hopes these wouldn't look too awful.
Not too bad - at least from this end
Hubby said it looks like a melon, so I went ahead and painted on the seeds
Still doesn't look as good as Sweet Meadows Farms but I think they are passable.
I hunt up a box to put them in ( the customer didn't want the crows) and when I turned one over to inspect it ...........DARN I must have set it down on some white paint while the top paint was drying.  At least it was an easy fix.
Reminder to self:  When painting....DO NOT set your drink on the table!
What do you think the chances were that I wasn't paying attention and picked up the water glass that I use to dip my paint brush in and took a drink?  :P



  1. I think they look quite a bit like a watermelon - you do excellent work and your customer will be completely happy with them.

  2. Hi Denise,

    I think that your watermelons are cute! That's a bummer about the white paint but at least it's an easy fix! I'm bad about getting paint on my fingers and then touching my item! Have a great day! Kim

  3. Denise,
    They look fine. You did a great job painting them too, white boo boo and all.
    Maybe the last time you made them, you cut them out with the fabric stretch going in the other direction.
    Either way, they are perfect!!

  4. I think they look great! And don't worry we all have mishaps like that. We just fix them and go on. lol

  5. I think they look good enough to eat.. hehe... Love them! Tina

  6. Wonderful watermelons. When I paint, the kitties try to drink the paint water, so I have to watch them.


  7. HAHA! Denise, I've done that before, too, with drinking from my paint cup. That's why I only use water basins now!!
    The melons look great! I'm sure you're customer will love them!
    Vicky :0)
    Paintspots and Splinters

  8. They look great! Your customer is going to love them.


  9. I think they look great and so yummy. I have boo boos happen to me all the time.

  10. Denise,

    The watermelons look great. I use water basins for paint water so no drinking for me! LOL!


  11. I think the melons look great. Many a time I have found paint on an item I've created but have yet to drink out of the glass. Thanks goodness your paint prob was an easy fix.

  12. Those melons look great! Although I haven't sipped the icky paint brush water, I have accidentally dipped my brushes in my coffee :)