Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awesome Two Days

 Sales just seem to come in spurts for me.  Dry for a few weeks or months and then I get a sale, and then all of a sudden I get more sales the same week.  Crazy!  But it makes me smile!
I sold 6 more of my vintage tins yesterday and today my Polka Dot Chicks sold.  I have some more cut out and wasn't planning to make any more ....but I'm going to go ahead and sew them up and stuff them tonight.  Maybe I'm on a lucky streak!
The 3 oldest grandkids spent the night last night and I took them to the matinee this afternoon to see HOP.  It was a really cute movie, we all enjoyed it.  It's just a darn shame how much it costs to take your kids/grandkids to the movies anymore.  For the matinee it cost $6.50 each ( a discount of $3 for an adult, no discount for kids).  I took them to the dollar store beforehand and let them pick out candy and pop - that cost $10 ( I don't want to think how much it would have cost to buy all that in the theater!)  Tickets - $26 and then popcorn ( at the movies - gotta have theater popcorn with butter!)  another $6.  The important thing is the kids enjoyed the day out with Gramma, makiing memories.  Gramma enjoyed it too!

 PS - wanted to share this, I thought it was comical.  My 4 year old grandaughter is a cuddler.  At one point during the movie she wanted to snuggle with me and cuddle but it was near impossible with the theater seats so she settled for holding my hand instead.  After a couple minutes she lifted my hand and started kissing it and then I felt her nibbling on my thumbnail like she was going to chew it off!!  LOL  Kid couldn't be hungry after all the popcorn and candy she consumed!


  1. Congrats on the sales. Wishing you many more. Too funny about the grand daughter. Glad you enjoyed the movie and the memory making time


  2. Your chicks are so cute! I took Emily and a friend to the movies last weekend, and I remember now why we don't go more often! We just can't afford it! LOL

  3. Awesome on the sales!! How cute those lil
    ones are!!

  4. That's great Denise. Sometimes when we least expect it. Now will your grandkids ever eat jelly beans again? LOL.