Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chocolate Bunny Cupboard Tucks

 I love how these turned out!
Pockets are stuffed with some Sweet Annie and Baby's Breath.
They are listed on my Selling Blog if anyone is interested.
$5.00 each plus shipping

I want to keep crafting but my house is in such disorder right now I better get some work done.  Darn.  I would rather be playing with my sewing machine. 


  1. Love your new pieces and the box of chicks is too fun.


  2. Can you imagine how much stuff we could craft, sew, etc if we all had maids and cleaners...That would be so great. I spent my day cleaning out the basement..yuck

  3. Hi Denise, those look almost good enough to eat.8-) I have been tweaking and crafting and the dust bunnies are about to overtake me. Too bad they don't look as good as your bunnies and they could just stay.
    Have a great day!1

  4. You sure have been busy. They are just to cute and look like real chocolate.