Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 2 & 3 Of Trip

Sunday night, I found out that Karen, http://sadiessilkenthreads.blogspot.com/ lives only about 15 minutes from the Maumee Antique Mall where we shopped on Sunday !  Hopefully we will be able to hook up next time we are in Maumee ( in the Fall )  I would love to meet her in person!
Monday morning before we left Maumee, Tom took me to Joanne's so I could use a few of my 40% off coupons.  Darn my luck, so much of the fabric was already on sale, so I had to use my coupons on two spools of white thread and  a packet of embroidery needles.  I had bought a yard of a quilted fabric I really liked, reg. price $19.99.  So I figured I could use my 50% off coupon on that.  Turns out THAT was on sale too and couldn't use it.  I had to pay $13.99  Bummer.  I did buy some cute pastel polka dot fabric to make some more lil bunnies.
We drove on to South Bend Indiana, did some antiquing there.  I found a pretty beat up quilt that was priced first at $28, reduced to $20 and then the booth had a sign up that everything was 50% off - so I got a cutter quilt for $10 bucks!  Yay me!!!!!  I was so excited.  I NEVER find cutter quilts that affordable.
 Went to Applebees for dinner and spend the night.  This morning we drove on to LaPorte IN.  We arrived at 10:30.  The shop was closed.  The sign on the front door said they'd be open at 10 am.  We waited a good 20 minutes and no sign of anyone there.  We pulled out and drove around the corner, found another antique shop, it was also closed.  What the heck!!  We found two other stores we were interested in looking in and they were also closed!  It turns out we were still on Pittsburgh time and LaPorte is an hour behind us, LOL.  I can't believe it took at least 30 minutes for us to figure that out.!  Duh.  We waited, and got to visit all the stores that opened at 10 am INDIANA time but didn't find anything here either.  Still love looking around though.

We arrived in St. Charles IL at 2 pm this afternoon.  Just chilling right now and will be going to Gino's East for dinner for some Chicago deep dish pizza! 


  1. Hi Denise...sounds like you are having a wonderful time on your trip. Deep dish pizza sounds yummy, it was just leftover night here at the homestead...

    Blessings, Traci

  2. Huh? I am afraid I do not live there, but
    I am going this summer! Maybe we can meet!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time. I found a beautiful old quilt at a local antique store and fell in love with and she wanted $135.00 for it, needless to say it is still there.