Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few Of My Goodies

 I didn't find a lot to buy this trip, but these are the few things I did pick up.
You're probably wondering why in the world I bought plastic Easter eggs on my trip, lol.  It was because at Hobby Lobby ( which we don't have here in Pittsburgh) they were priced at 39 cents a bag!  I'm going to make some prim fabric eggs with these.
I'm going to make some more baby chicks with these fabrics.  
I'm going to cut up this quilt fabric to use for pockets in some of my craft projects.
I found this twin size quilt in an antique store marked at $28, reduced to $20 and then there was a half off sale, so I got it for $10.  There are some really badly torn areas, but that's ok, because I plan on cutting it up anyway.  I was tickled to find this.
I'm going to make some fabric Cinnamon buns for this tin pan.
A black enamel pie pan and 2 graniteware pie pans
 A nice sized black enamel bowl
A beautiful crock I bought for $20 at the Advertising show we went to Chicago for.  It was marked at $25 and the vendor gave it to me for $20 so he wouldn't have to take it back home.  Lucky me!  :)

I'm starting to feel better again.  Still coughing a lot and living on cough drops.  Still seem to have some wheezing at night, probably from lying down and having the congestion build up.  I suspect I had/have bronchitis.  My doctor isn't in today, so if I'm still feeling out of sorts tomorrow I will give her a call.  Thank you for all the well wishes I've received.  xoxox



  1. Nice deals and that fabric is perfect for little chicks.


  2. Hi Denise... you found some great goodies and just think of the money you saved by not finding more, LOL... great deal on that crock

    Sending wishes that you are feeling better soon!

    Blessings, Traci

  3. Wow, Nee Nee! You found some wonderful
    goodies! I love those pie pans and that
    crock! I got a lot of stuff on Friday on
    the way down to Texas. I will post them,
    soon...I did post a firkin, that I found!
    I hope the doctor will give you something
    to get you over that stuff, so you will
    feel better, soon!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Great finds! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Awesome Denise...did you find the polkadot fabric at HL? I love it! Feel better!

  6. Great finds. i can't wait to see the baby chicks in the new prints.