Thursday, May 05, 2011

2 More Mammys & My Bella

 Just finished these 2 gals up this morning.  These will be sent out on consignment.  I've been trying to make 3 of everything, one to add to my selling blog, and 2 to travel.  
Today I'm working on Prim Cat shelf sitters.  I was stuffing one last night and got a little bit too exuberant with my stuffing tool and put a hole in the cat.  AARGH!  Not fixable so have to start all over on that one.
Wanted to share a pic of my 18 mo. old grandaughter Bella.  She has been driving me crazy wanting to get on the computer.  Usually I hold her while I check my emails, etc. and she's always hitting different keys or closing out the window on me, lol.  She literally cries to get on all by  herself.  If I try to help her with the mouse, she pushes my hand away. So yesterday I decided to put her in her booster chair and give her full reign on the 'puter.  She was in her glory AND while she was 'putin I was able to work on those mammys.  As you can see, she doesn't need my help with the mouse, she's got that down very well.  She knows to turn the wheel to scroll.  She likes Face Book so she can see all of Gramma's family photos.



  1. Love Your New Mammies! Sorry bout the cat , but if it makes you feel better , I did the same thing to two different crows yesterday! lol Your Bella is beautiful and o so talented , can 't blame a girl for wanting to surf the net , there is so much to learn out there ! lol Enjoy your day ! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Hey Denise:
    I finally got your pictures in ... great !!
    Love your Mammies..and cutie at the computer.
    How sweet!!

  3. Oh would you look at Bella! She's probably better at navigating on the puter than I am, LOL..

    Love your new Mammies!

    Blessings, Traci

  4. I love the mammies, they look great. Little Bella is a doll, funny how they seem to pick up on the computer skills so fast.

  5. Bella is a real cutie NeeNee!! Isn't it amazing how quickly they catch on to the computer!!!

    I see you managed to get the lips done on your mammie's! Looks good!

  6. Love the dollies .and what a cutie Bella is !

  7. Denise,
    Love those mammies. How prim. Can't wait to see the cat ones.
    Have a great day
    Country at heart

  8. Oh no, you poked a hole... LOL. Hey that's what ya call primitive hon, just put a patch over it and continue on:)
    Aww, Bella wants to be like gramma. Tell her to stay away from those nasty viruses. LOL. She's such a cutie:)
    Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend mum!