Saturday, May 21, 2011

Americana Eagle

 I'm still working on some Americana things and just finished up this eagle, a pattern by TRP.
I have two more to work on, then moving on to something else.
Today is my salon/spa day with daughter Carey ( gift from her and her husband for Mother's Day).  Looking forward to some pampering!
My sister Diane will be leaving to go back to Detroit tomorrow morning.  We've had a very relaxing and enjoyable visit.  While she's crocheting a blanket for her grandson and some snowflakes for my snowmen, I've been working on my Miss Liberty and Eagle crafts.  My daughters come over in the evenings and we reminisce and laugh and have some wine or Kahlua.  We've gone shopping a couple nights and out to dinner a few times.  Tonight is another dinner out. I hate to see her leave and hope she can come back for another week before summer ends.  She came on the Megabus.  It only cost her $2.50 round trip!! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Hi Denise, good job on the eagle. I hope you enjoy your pampering today, you deserve it!! Sounds like a grand time with your sister. Have a great week-end!!

  2. Wow, spa day sounds wonderful and with family to top it off. Good for you Denise, you deserve it:) You even got some crafting done, you're a wonder woman!

  3. woow...
    spa and enjoy with family is very attractive.