Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss Liberty Shelf Sitter And The Sexy Chicken Cut

A couple days ago I went through my Americana patterns, was disappointed to find that I didn't have quite as many as I thought!  But I decided to make this one and love her!  This one is currently for sale on my selling blog

A few Saturdays back, Tom picked me up a 4 drawer filing cabinet  at a flea market so I could organize my craft patterns in it.  It was missing the hanging file folders and frames to set them on.  I had been pricing them at Office Depot, etc. and eBay, and I did end up ordering some used file folders for a really good price and a few days later I ordered 4 frames.  The frames got here first and I was so disappointed.  They are way too big. Now I have to return them or try to resell them.  Today Tom went to the flea market and bought two organizers for $1.  They fit into the cabinet perfectly!  Hopefully he can find two more and I'll be set.

My first box of creations arrived at the Brickhouse Craft House yesterday and Patti told me that one of my stitcheries already sold!  Woo Hoooo!  It's my ABC stitchery that I've had first in my online store ( now expired) and then on my selling blog for a total of one year.  It just didn't move.  I had about given up on it ever selling.

4 year old Ayden wanted to take a picture of Gramma so I decided to let her take a couple pics of my HAIR so you could see the 'Sexy Chicken' cut.  This is just using mousse, blow drying and using a sculpting gel and my fingers.  No comb or brush.

This one is using mousse, blow drying, small curling brush, finger styling and a bit of sculpting gel.
This is the shortest my hair has ever been and I love how easy it is to take care of now.
Sweet Ayden Grace



  1. Denise,

    Isn't it funny how somethings just sit and sit and then when you've just about given up all hope, it sells. Love the new do, with and without!


  2. Love Miss Liberty and congrats on a sale already at Brickhouse! As I said on Facebook, love the new hairdo, it looks fabulous! And Ayden Grace is just too cute! Deb

  3. Hey hey, I like your new easy to care for do doll. I'll bet Aayden Grace thinks her gramma is beautiful. It shows on her pretty face:) Two beautiful blue eyed babes.
    Congrats on your quik sell at your consignment store! You know, if one of my items set for awhile and doesn't sell, I copy the link to it and paste it everywhere... FB, Twitter, Etsy Forums several times a day if you can:) You can do it, because you are worthy!

  4. Love Miss liberty. Your new hair do looks great and congrats on the sale.

  5. Love your hair cut and style! I would have chosen your stitchery ...very nice indeed. You make lovely things!