Friday, May 27, 2011

What I'm Working On AND Having trouble Posting Comments?

I had to set aside my 2nd eagle before I set it on fire.  I royally messed up the painting on the body and tried to fix it but it was useless so I tossed it.  The wings turned out fine, but I thought I better walk away from it for awhile and work on something else.  This is my something else.  This sampler will be one of the items in the box that will be traveling to The Brickhouse in Millersburg, PA.
I think I'll do one more sampler before returning to the eagle.  I had planned on making a 3rd one to go to Louisiana but that's not looking good at the moment, lol.

I personally have had quite a few problems commenting on blogger's posts over the past few days.  I just read that if you UNCLICK the STAY SIGNED IN button, you may be able to post.

If you are traveling this holiday weekend, drive safely!  We aren't going far, just to a cookout at a friend's home on Sunday and another cookout at my sister-in-law's who lives down the street from us on Monday.
We haven't opened our pool yet, there's just been too much rain.  Monday is supposed to be near 90 and I know I'm going to be grumbling about the heat and humidity.  I may be the only one who misses winter, lol.  Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!



  1. I can post fine on bloggers but on other websites having difficulty

  2. Your USA stitchery is great!
    I'm commenting under Anonymous as that seems to have worked. The blogger problem is really getting old!
    Have a safe weekend~

  3. The sampler looks good, I know what you mean about the rain - we have it as well...
    Good luck with your eagle when you return to it.....

  4. Your stitchery is an excellent piece. Yes, it sounds like you need a cool calm and relaxing weekend luv and I hope you have one:)