Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Hat - you asked for it

 This was too funny - last night after I took my walk hubby asked me if I'd started packing clothes for our 2 week vacation yet.  I told him not yet.  We already have boxes packed with toiletries, condiments, paper plates, etc.  He had NO CLUE that I had a guessing contest on my blog yesterday and the next words out of his mouth were " don't forget your hat, I paid $20 for that!!"  LMAO.  I was actually looking at straw hats in Walmarts on Saturday and there was one hat I was interested in for $8 but I put it back.....if you all laugh at me, I'm going back to get it!!!  LOL


  1. i pop in at least once a week or so to your blog and i love it...thank you for sharing, and as for the hat, as a child i actually wore one!, my aunt went to China and brought us all back one, we loved them!...have a great day!

  2. The hat actually looks quite good on ya! Thanks for being a gem and sporting it for us all to see!

  3. Denise, looks lovely. Tell the family they don't know what fashion fashionista!


  4. Denise,
    The hat doesn't look bad at all. Very unique and chic. Match it with a pretty sundress and you are ready to go. Your family was just kidding you. If your hubby thought it was awful he wouldn't have paid $20 for it, right?
    Love it, I would wear one.
    Country at heart

  5. I think you should be on a run way in Paris with that hat on! lol....You look cute!
    Thanks for sharing. Have fun on your vacation.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. very nice! lol
    I got 2 straw summer hats last week at Target. They were in the dollar section (which is weird since they cost $2.50 but hey! lol) I got a regular natural straw color and a bright pink color! Great for my gardening!

  7. Love the hat, it looks fun....
    Have a great vacation!

  8. No laughing from this peanut gallery. I think it looks very chic and is so you. Don't be afraid to wear it luv. My hubby is just now starting to go outside without his hat on. You see, he's a baldy and always worried about what others thought. Besides he doesn't want to look like Tiger Woods and have a white head... know what I mean:)

  9. GORGEOUS HAT AND YOU MODEL IT SO WELL....thanks Neenee....