Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dee Begg guessed that it is an upside down hat..................and she is CORRECT!!!  Congratulations Dee!
I purchased this hat at a craft fair on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ last summer.  The vendor was wearing one and it really looked cute!  So hubby bought me one.  I wore it at the pool and down to the beach ( my scalp tends to burn pretty bad from the scalding sun there).  It was several hours later that my hubby, daughters, their significant others AND my 3 older grandchildren laughed hysterically at me!!!!  I was so embarrassed that I swore I'd never wear it again and hubby says I better wear it this year because it cost him $20  LOL

Once you put it on your head and push down on the top, it forms to your head.



  1. No Idea, but what fun its going to be to find out everyone's guesses!

  2. Denise,

    LOL at the hubby! I guess living in the home state of the Preakness, I've seen quite a few interesting hats that the ladies wear to Preakness and when I looked at the picture, that's what came to of those interesting hats! I bet you look lovely in yours though...I would love to see a picture of you wearing it.

    That was fun and thanks for hosting this guessing giveaway.


  3. This is a HOOT! You need to model it for us!

  4. OH BOY! Now you have to show us a picture of you in the hat!

  5. I would of never guessed it right. Congrats to the winner. We need to see a picture of you wearing - I'm sure it's not as funny as your family thought it was.

  6. Very funny, would have never guess that one.


  7. Wow, I was way off. I agree with the others, we need a picture of you wearig your hat.


  8. Denise,
    I was going to say a hat,I should have went with my first thought. Oh well, it was fun. The suspense was killing me. Hope you do this guessing game again. Please do model it for us, it probably doesn't look as bad on as you think.
    Country at heart

  9. A hat!! haha! I hafta say, I have never seen one like that. I need a sunhat too, hubby's on the look out for me. :)