Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seeds Sampler, Americana Stocking and GIVEAWAY

I finished up the seed stitchery sampler last week but forgot to take a pic of it.  The Americana stocking I finished up yesterday.  
The sampler is already in the shop in Millersburg, PA and the stocking will be going there as soon as I can finish up a few more items to include in the box.  My selling blog is stagnant at the moment so I'm not too concerned about adding anything new until I start making Fall/Halloween items.

Now for the giveaway.
The FIRST person to guess correctly what this next item is will be the winner of a SURPRISE stitchery/sampler.

What am I?
You must be a follower of this blog to be eligible.
ONE GUESS ONLY per follower.   ONE chance to win.
As soon as the right answer is posted, the giveaway will end.
Good luck! 

If possible I will email you back to let you know if you guessed correctly or not.  I'm going to hold off posting the guesses until we get a winner.  If no winner after 10 guesses, I will post all comments and  you will get another chance to guess.


  1. It looks like a folding fan that holds flowers, lol.


  2. I think it's the pages of a book or magazine folded .
    I'm probably way off but that's me guess and I'M sticking to it. LOL


  3. Denise,
    I am going to take a stab at guessing.
    I'd say it is a crepe paper rose nightlight.
    Country at heart

  4. Hi Denise....LOVE that stocking!!! Turned out great! Well i'm guessing that it's a vase made out of corregated honeycomb cardboard, decorated with flowers. If that's correct..........HOW COOL IS THAT????!!! Talk about major recycling!

  5. I love your seed packet sampler!

    I don't know what that pink thing is, but am interested in finding out the real answer! Looks like a wedding decoration from the 80's. ??? I have no idea!!

  6. Hi Denise! I hardly ever comment, but I've always loved your blog and all your wonderful creations! Your seed sampler is really nice. Love your Americana stocking! I'll try to start commenting more, thanks for having a great blog!
    Mary Jo

  7. I'm going to guess.... a vase? I enlarged the picture and that's the only thing I could 'see'.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  8. My guess is a vintage party decoration piece that fans open.


  9. Ok so do not laugh at me too hard it appears to be made out of a heater filter??


  10. My first thought was that it is a bird/turkey decoration with a rose in it (looking down at it from overhead) but then I thought no... no head and it looks like it is sitting on a table. But it certainly looks like one of those decorations that collapse flat and are fanned open to become something.
    Love your beautiful things!

  11. Denise - for the life of me I can not come up with a good guess. At first it looks like a vase with silk flowers. That would be my guess. I definitely would need a hint - lol.