Saturday, June 25, 2011

A True Story

   A little background first.  A neighbor and his wife Mr. and Mrs. D have lived 5 doors down from us since 1984.  They never had children and from what I understand there is no other family left.  The Mrs. had to have open heart surgery several years ago and her husband is retired.  He walks their dog every day and has become 'friendly' with my husband.  Recently he told my husband that his wife was not doing well and was back in the hospital. 

This morning around 10 am I was checking for the mail and we didn't have anything yet.  Our reg. guy is normally here by then on Saturdays.  About 20 minutes later I hear HELP HELP....but wasn't able to tell where it was coming from because we live in a 'valley' and it could have come from anywhere.  I was still in my PJ's and my husband had just left the house in his truck to go mail some bills and put gas in the truck since we are leaving for vacation in the morning.
Not a minute after he left, the phone rings and it's him calling me on his cell phone.  He said he just saw Mr. D laying in his front yard, he looked 'dead' and there were quite a few neighbors standing around. He said the ambulance and a fire truck were just now coming up our hill.  He had to hang up so he could move his truck over.  He didn't stop since there were so many other people around. 
My next door neighbor Nancy ( my walking partner)  said she had just gotten home from working 1/2 day and saw all the people down the street, so she walked down to see if she could learn what had happened. Nancy's husband Bob said that's why our mail was late today, the letter carrier told him he had been talking with Mr. D for at least 20 minutes until a neighbor ( who we will call Crazy Man)  who lived up the hill from Mr. D stopped and continued the conversation with Mr. D.  That's when the letter carrier left to finish his route.  So within the next 5 or 10 minutes, Mr. D. collapsed.
 Nancy said Crazy Man was saluting Mr. D  ( as if they were in the Armed Forces) and talking to 'the sky' ( praying?)  He was pretty loud, I could hear him from my house, just couldn't make out exactly what he was saying.  I thought someone was having an argument.    Crazy Man told the ambulance driver that Mrs. D was in the Hosp, he told the driver which one, and that's where they took Mr. D.  At first he didn't appear to have a pulse, then it was very weak.
In the meantime I had taken my shower and got dressed.  My daughter Carey treated me and herself to a pedicure.  When we got back, my husband gave me some more info. 
When we had heard HELP was Crazy Man, who was saluting and talking to the sky.  My 16 year old neighbor across the street was out walking her dog and went down to see what was going on.  That's when she saw Mr. D laying in his yard.  The crazy guy had been drinking ( Scotch, we heard ) and didn't have a cell phone on him, so the 16 year old called 911 on her cell phone.  By this time the other neighbors had appeared.  Mr. & Mrs. D's dog was in the house and everyone wanted to know what to do about him since both owners were in the hospital.  Nancy works for a vet and has 2 dogs of her own, so she said she would make sure he was fed and walked and let out to do his business.  She went home to fix her husband lunch and a half hour later went back down the street and let herself in Mr. D's house.  ( no one had a key, and the front door had been opened, so when the ambulance left, she just pulled the door shut).  She goes into the house and is opening cupboards to look for the dog food.  She was talking to the dog and then she hears

WHO IS IN MY HOUSE?!!!!   Coming from downstairs ( basement).  She said she nearly had a heart attack herself was Mrs. D!!!!
She was NOT in the hospital.  She had been sleeping on the sofa down in the basement rec room.  She never heard all the commotion out in her front yard, didn't hear the fire truck or ambulance.  Never heard people in the house searching for a phone number to get hold of her ( or a nurse at the hospital where everyone thought she was). 

I saw Nancy and her husband Bob getting out of their car a little while ago and I yelled over.......WHO IS IN MY HOUSE......and doubled over laughing.  She said when she heard that she nearly P*SSED herself, LMAO.
No one seems to know when Mrs. D. got home from the hosp.  Couldn't have been too long ago.  Hope Mr. D. will be ok.  He's a really nice guy.  Mrs. D I'm not too sure about, she threw a sausage at my eldest daughter when she was in grade school, but that's another story.



  1. I've always heard that truth is stranger than fiction, and this just proves it! LOL

  2. Oh My goodness - I don't think you could have made up something more strange! Watch out for flying sausages Denise!

  3. "I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there" LOL...seriously I do hope Mr & Mrs D will be ok...but oh my...what a story...crazy man saluting and then Mrs. D being in the basement...too darn really need to write a book of your stories!

  4. Oh my! Would have scared the bejesus outta me to hear a voice when there shouldn't be any! Wow! You do have some odd neighbors.

    Enjoy your vacation.


  5. Boy them stories from up the holler sure get deep! lol Thanks for the giggle hope the D's are ok and hope your neighbor survives her shock ! lol Thanks for sharing Enjoy your weekend! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  6. Uh oh, Mrs. D. came home and gave poor nice Mr. D. a heart attack and put him in the hospital.
    Now take it easy on poor Nancy... LOL.

  7. You can't make that stuff up!! Hope the D's are okay.

  8. Hi Denise,
    Oh my gosh, that has to be the funniest story I have heard in along time. At least you have an exciting neighborhood. Loved this story.

  9. oh my, what a story that is..Thank you for sharing with us... I hope Mr D is ok.