Monday, June 27, 2011

Update On Mr. D. & Wildwood NJ

 Mr. Krazy ( aka Tom) and our youngest daughter Nicki (30) left for Wildwood NJ ( sea shore vacation) yesterday morning.  We arrived about 1:30 pm, and after we unloaded the truck and unpacked and put things away ( 2 hours later) we relaxed at the motel's swimming pool.  We headed down to the boardwalk at 8 pm for an hour and then went back to our room to change into our tennis shoes.  Nicki and I took a 2 mile walk.  Hoping I can get her to do this with me every night, but it's not looking good, LOL. 
Mr. Krazy and I were up early this morning and walked along the beach for a mile.  It was overcast and more on the cool side, but perfect for me.  By noon it was getting sunny and we all headed for the beach ( a block from our motel) and spent a couple hours baking in the sun.  The ocean was awesome, a little cold when you first got in, but didn't take long to adjust to it.  I will only go knee deep and let the waves slam me.  I've watched too many shark movies to go in any deeper, lol. 
I received an email from my friend/next door neighbor Nancy this afternoon re: Mr. D.  He did NOT have a heart attack. 
Mr. D. came home yesterday,a little weak. He came down to thank us. Evidently that goofy guy had something added to that bottle of scotch and he  had some kind of reaction.

Mr. Krazy says yeah, he had a reaction all right, he passed out DRUNK!
They were apparently drinking the scotch straight from the bottle.   I'm glad to know he did not have a heart attack, but I  can't help but wonder what Mrs. D. might have thrown at him once she got to the hospital and found out he wasn't dying.  After all, if she could throw a sausage at a 12 year old child because she thought the price was 'outrageous', there's no telling what a drunken husband would get hit with.


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  1. Oh, I'm with you on knee deep only Denise. Too many shark movies for me too... LOL.
    Oh my gosh! Mr. D. drinking scotch with Mr. Goofy? Good grief, Mrs. D. needs to throw a package of sausages at Mr. D. Thank the Lord it wasn't a heart attack.