Monday, July 25, 2011

Special Order Request For A Customer

A customer ( Darlene) requested that I make a special momento for her daughter using scraps from her childhood blankey.  She was hoping to have this for her daughter's wedding July 23rd ( 2 days ago).  My thoughts were I might be able to make a 'quilted' pillow ( I've never quilted anything in my entire life!), or a framed sampler incorporating the blanket scraps into it and embroidering a special message from Mom.
About 2 weeks after I talked to Darlene, I received the scraps in the mail.  Not at all what I thought they would be.  See photo below.

 I was at a total loss what to create with these.  I called my customer and told her I just didn't know how I could make anything with these pieces.  Darlene explained that over the years her daughter would tear off pieces and give them to her for 'remembering' and she wanted to surprise her daughter with something made from or with them.  So we put our heads together.  She was thinking a Christmas ornament.  I was thinking, no how, no way.  She mentioned a pillow, but all I could see in my mind was using the pieces as possible 'fringe' along the edges of the pillow - but there really wasn't even enough for that.  She said her daughter loved FROGS and the color PURPLE.  When she was a child they would sing a song 'Hold me, Hold me'.  She mentioned a doll and maybe I could use the scraps for hair.  So I'm thinking....doll....frog.  I can make a Frog doll!  I went searching for some patterns and fell in love with one from Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm.  I sent a link to Darlene and she loved it too.    I purchased the pattern but wasn't able to get started on it right away because we were getting ready to leave for our two week vacation.  I was sure that when we got home, I'd be able to have it finished and sent in time for the wedding.  I had a whole week after all.   You know what they say about best intentions?  #1 - I had my 3 older grandkids for the next 2 weeks  for 13 hours a day as my daughter, their mom had to go to Oklahoma for work related training classes.  Their dad didn't get home from work until almost 8 pm and the kids were restless and bored and trying to keep them occupied all day was beginning to get tiresome.  Thank God, we have a swimming pool!  I got the frog pattern cut out and sewed and stuffed and painted in between the pool, cooking meals and entertaining the kids.  Below is a photo of the frog - eyelids are not yet finished.  I was leaving that for last.  You can see the fabric I chose from my stash for the dress and pantaloons to the right of the frog.  Not a lot of purple, but enough.#2- Just when I wanted to start sewing up the clothes, my sewing machine starts to give me trouble.  UGH.  I had to email Darlene to let her know there was no way I could have the frog doll done and mailed in time for the wedding.  She is such a sweetheart and very understanding and said that was no problem, she'd just keep it and give it to her daughter for Christmas. 
Yesterday, after much fooling around with my sewing machine I finally got it to start sewing again.  I have no idea what I did so sure hope it continues to work........even though Darlene is in no hurry now for the doll, I will not keep her waiting any longer.  The doll is FINISHED as of today.  It will be shipped out tomorrow. 
The only thing I could think of to do with the scraps for the doll was to make a bow on the dress.
I did make a pillow with the words HOLD ME , HOLD ME and also added some musical notes to depict 'singing'.  I also attached 2 bows from the blankey scraps in 2 corners.
I still had several blankey scraps left and didn't have a clue what to do with them.  I decided to make a 'memory bag' for the Frog doll and stuffed it with the leftover blankey scraps.  It has a button closure and strap that I've sewn to the shoulder of the dress so it won't fall off.  I did complete the eyelids this morning which you can see in the last photo.
The finished doll.  Darlene hasn't seen it yet, I hope she loves it and is satisfied with what I've done.
I hope her daughter loves it too!


  1. NeeNee...IT IS GREAT! SHe is going to love it! AWESOME!

  2. When I looked at the picture of the scraps my first thought was "No way! This must be a joke!" You created such a wonderful keepsake from those scraps! I love how you incorporated them into different parts of the piece. You are AMAZING!! I'm sure they will both love this forever!

  3. Amazing job & ideas with those scraps. Forg doll looks wonderful.

  4. Oh D, it's adorable. The lil pillow is precious. Now don't frogs have hair? Have you heard the quote "as fine as frog hair"? LOL.

  5. Oh she is just adorable. I love the idea of putting the extra scraps in the lil bag. She is going to love it.

  6. Denise that is precious! I know she will love it. You are so talented. Love the way you incorporated the pieces too

  7. Well if I ever have an impossible task, I'm going to come to YOU for advice. What a wonderful way you ended up incorporating all the concepts in to one fantastic gift.