Saturday, August 27, 2011

Difference In Cabinet Handles

This is a before photo of the cabinet handles.   
 It's hard to tell what the original color was supposed to be.  
After we soaked handles in denatured alcohol and scrubbed with a green scrubby pad.
We did the same with the hinges
One door left to go up tomorrow morning.  It's drying and then I can get started on the bottom cabinet next to the stove.  That one has a drawer and one cabinet.
I'm really mad at myself.  I LIKE my green wall paper and the border above the cabinets/sink area.  I like them so much, that I didn't want to get green paint on them and taped them off with masking tape.  When I went to pull the tape off.........the green wall paper ripped!
If you look close enough, you can see the ripped area above the cabinets.  It's not fixable, so I've been searching for a new border.
I've decided not to put wall paper back up, will paint the same as the wall color and then put up a NEW border.  I've found a couple possibilities.  



  1. Those handles look great! Sorry about the ripped paper mishap. I have admired that border in other pictures, too. I hope you can find something you like just as much (or more)!

  2. Oh no, did you use painter's tape? It doesn't rip the wall paper. You'll find something you like:-)
    Your handles do look much better, like new.

  3. the kitchen is getting better and better!

  4. Handles look great, its amazing what a little elbow grease can do.... I'm sure you'll find another border that you like even more.

  5. The handles look great. Funny how sometimes the smallest things can make such a big diffrence. So sorry to here about the wallpaper mishap.

  6. Wonderful that you were able to clean up the handles! Buying new handles for an entire kitchen is sooo expensive! Good job!