Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

As you can see, I was living with the original stove ( 1964 GE Aqua Electric Range) and original counter top that was white with gold specks.  The gold specks have all mostly 'disappeared' and I was constantly having to clean them with bleach to remove coffee/tea stains.  We've been living here since 1984 and the last 8 years or so the stove's heating elements kept having to be replaced and if chicken ordinarily had to be cooked for one hour, it took over two hours in mine.  Cakes only cooked on the top and outsides, never in the middle.  I'd been BEGGING for a new stove for years but hubby insisted this one was 'fine'.  My daughter Carey and her husband Ammar moved into their newly built home 4 years ago and recently purchased a new ceramic flat top stove and granite counter tops.  They gave me their old ones and Ammar installed them for me last week.
The counter top is a dark green and lighter green ( similar to sage green).  Look how NASTY my cupboards look now.  LOL.  I went out and bought some paint to redo them.  The color is called Prairie Sage.  You can see I tore down the dark green wall paper that was behind the stove and sink. Tom painted the wall temporarily, as I wanted a ceramic back splash put in.  He also painted the almond colored range hood black.

Ammar put up ceramic tile for me today. There's still an area between the sink and kitchen window that needs done, and that will be finished tomorrow and then everything grouted.
I hope to get started on painting the cupboards this weekend.  I bought my paint this morning along with the sanding block, sponge rollers and denatured alcohol.  This way I already have them in the house when I'm ready to get started.  Below is a sample of the paint color and the hardware I'm going to use.
I plan to purchase this swag to hang over the window to bring in more light.  Tom says I like to live in a cave, LOL  It has tiny green dots throughout the white part.
I will post a couple more photos once I get started on the cabinet painting.  Wish me luck, this will be my first time doing this.



  1. I like that stove, funky color, lol.
    I do black appliances, matches everything, but I think it show more dirt than the white ones;) We have a small kitchen and the cabinets are falling down, so this winter when we get a little extra money, those are going to have to be replaced. Hate not having a decent place to put dishes. Our counters are like yours, good color for hiding stains, we spill alot;)


  2. Oh wow! What a difference. You'll have to adjust your temperatures now won't you... lol. That's cool! I'm happy for ya. That sure is a good shot of a 60's kitchen though... awesome! You can probably get a pretty penny for that retro stove now.

  3. Looks great Denise! I have the same stove...well...I did have until we our son has it! lol I love that stove...right now I'm trying to get used to using gas again after 20 years.

  4. Looking good! Can't wait to see the new paint. Vickie, Cardinal Lane Farms (my account won't let me post as Cardinal Lane Farms, will have to work on that.)

  5. Nice makeover so far! Cant wait to see whe your done!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. Wow what a great make over. I love the counter top. Can't wait to see more.


  7. Love what you are doing (Re-Do Make Over)
    can't way to see it all finish.will be so

  8. the kitchen is looking great! I liked to never got my wallpaper off mine lol

  9. Just found your blog tonight. I love the kitchen so far... can't wait to see the finish! Would love to know how hubby painted the range hood!