Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Still Waiting....

 Had to call the Dr. office AGAIN this morning.  Still haven't heard a word on my blood/ultra scan results.  They claim the hosp. never faxed over the US results - that was Friday - this is Wednesday!  Grrrrrrrrr



  1. Keep bugging them on the phone Denise, and they will get so sick of hearing from you, that the results will magically appear!

  2. I'm all to familiar with that kind of response. Stay on them, but do it without raising your BP. Kill 'em with kindness;-)

  3. I hate when they make you wait for test results! I agree with Trudy! When I had my US it felt like an eternity had passed until my doctor called. (I think it was 10 days or two weeks, I forget now. Way too long either way when he had them only two days after my US.)

  4. Hi Denise! I just found out you haven't been feeling good! Sure hope you find out whats going on real soon! The waiting game is terrible!

    I have been gone through some of the same things... had an ultra sound and back x-ray last week. Just went today again because I woke up hurting so bad! I think we have my problem figured out..... a pulled Rhomboids muscle... from all the sanding I've been doing! We received a wholesale order of 180 wood appliance covers so I've been helping Jeff get them done! Not sure it was worth all the aggravation!!

    Feel better dear friend!!!