Friday, October 28, 2011

A Couple Pin Cushions & Halloween Party

 My pin cushion was looking a bit ratty so I decided to make a new one.  After I made it, I made 3 more!  One will be included in my selling blog pumpkin giveaway and the other 2 I listed on the selling blog.  I thought these would make cute stocking stuffers alone, or include a pair of embroidery scissors, straight pins, thread and measuring tape for a gift for a family member or friend who likes to sew.  How about a gift for your child's school teacher?
My own is identical to this one above, which is listed for sale for $4.50 + shipping
The fabric on the back is identical and also has a wooden button.

One side of this one is a small print pink floral with yo yo flower and pink button in the center.  The other side is a burgundy and white polka dot fabric with the same yo yo and button.
This one is listed for $5.00 + shipping

Tomorrow is a busy day.  I will have 3 of the grandchildren ( they are spending the night tonight).  My youngest grand child Bella just turned 2 yesterday and Mom and Dad are having a BIG party for her tomorrow.  It is a combo birthday party/ Halloween party and everyone has to dress up!
I'm making a big roaster full of rigatoni to take to the party and will get that on in the morning.  I will also be making up 4 year old Ayden Grace who is going as a lil'  witch.  Her brother Jonah is wearing a monster costume, so he's easy.  Older sister Jordyn, 11 will be getting ready at home later as she has to cheerlead for their step-brother's playoff football game.  I believe Jordyn is going as a cheerleader, but from what I could gather from Ayden, she might be a zombie cheerleader, lol.  The birthday girl will be a princess ( of course!) and both her Mommy and Daddy are dressing as vampires.  Mommy will be a more sexy version whereas Gramma plans to be a more goulish version of a vampire.  Mommy wants to wear 'pretty makeup' though a bit heavier than normal.  Gramma is thinking she's going to wear white and black makeup with dark circles under eyes, which comes naturally, lol.  I borrowed my son-in-laws afro wig because I don't want to look like 'myself'.  It is a little itchy, so I'm rethinking the wig.  If I decide not to wear it, I'm going to go 'wild haired' with what little I have and spray a stripe or two of purple hair dye spray.  I was looking for white, but couldn't find any.  Tom aka Poppy is going as a 50's waitress.  Yes, you read that right!  We have a mannequin in our garage/gameroom that is wearing a shoulder length wig, poodle skirt, bowling shirt.  Tom wore this outfit to a Halloween Party several years ago and was a HIT.  Only a small handful of people at this year's party will have seen him dressed like this.  I even cajoled him into applying makeup for the 'part'.  The last time he sported a mustache, so it was hilarious.  He shaved that off a few years ago.  After Christmas, Halloween is my FAVORITE 'Holiday'.  I still need to take photos of the front yard to post and I want to hunt up some old photos of Halloween outfits that Tom and I wore to parties or that I wore just to walk with my girls when they were young.  I always seemed to either be a witch or a vampire.



  1. Hi, Denise, I found your blog while on Hungry Hook Primitives. It's nice to meet you. I like
    your blog and I have lots to check out.
    Have a wonderful time with the grandchildren.

  2. From pumpkins to pin cushions and these are just as pretty and plump!
    Alright a zombie cheerleader! OMGoodness you're gonna be reeling this weekend. Holy wow, a 50's waitress... you gotta take pics! You'll be a punk rock gramma vamp... sounds like fun:o)