Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric Pumpkins & Inside Decorations

 Sorry the photos aren't clearer.  I took them with a cell phone instead of the camera.
I've had a nasty head cold all week and spent the majority of my time resting on the couch but when I did have a spurt of energy, I would make a pumpkin.  This is what I have so far.  These will be going to Millersburg, PA   I want to send some to Louisiana too since I haven't sent anything there for several months.  

This is my Halloween Tree that sits on a sofa table in the living room.   Not sure if I will add anything else to it or not.  I was going to make some mini candy corns to hang if I have some time this weekend.
I purchased a leaf garland and made this centerpiece for my dining room table.
I wrapped and attached it to a large twig wreath and added some pip berries.  I painted a wooden candlestick dark brown and just sitting on top of it is a grubby battery operated candle.
I ended up moving it into the living room and put the candle inside a glass hurricane lamp.
Tom put up our outside decorations last week and I was going to take a picture but it's been raining so that will wait until another day.  He picks up a lot of 'his' decorations at the flea markets.  Most items look brand new and he gets them for practically nothing.

Is the kitchen border up yet you might ask?  Nope.  Still waiting for a good day when I'm not sick or not watching grand children all day.  I'm enjoying my 'new' cabinets though!


  1. Wow - your home lookes so warm and inviting - love those pumpkins! Hope you feel better ~*~Lisa

  2. You are so creative. I love all of your designs. The colors are just right for this time of the year.

  3. Sorry your under the weather. Hope your feeling better. Love all your inside fall decorations.


  4. beautiful job on the pumpkins, everything looks so warm & inviting!

  5. Wow... warm wonderful and welcoming. I love it! We're rainy and cold here too. I love your facebook profile pic with your cabinets behind:-)