Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FINALLY Kitchen is Finished - Before & After



Hanging the wall border was definitely a 2 man/woman job!  I was able to get the 15 ft. roll up without having to cut a thing.   Well, that's not entirely true, I was short 4 inches at the end, which was at this end of the kitchen, around the outside corner and I am so glad I bought a second roll.  I was able to match the pattern without any trouble.  It really stinks that I only needed 8 inches from it ( to match the pattern).  But  would have been worse had I not had that second roll.  Can't sell it since it's been opened and cut, but I'm searching for some ideas on using it for crafts.  One idea was to wrap some around a can ( if I can find the right size) and turn it into a utensil holder for the counter.
I'm still  making pumpkins believe it or not, lol.  One of the shops I sent my last batch to wants more :) I started a snowman face pillow with a large carrot stuffed nose ( sits sideways on it's face) and having a dickens of a time getting it attached.  I want to sew it on, but my needles aren't long enough to go through the front of the head, to the back.  I really don't like the idea of hot gluing it on, but that may be what I will have to do.  I used Warm 'n Natural for the head and homespun for the nose.




  1. I am not sure that is the SAME kitchen! It looks awesome! Love the new border, too...
    I just put the second coat of paint on all the drawers, except for the new cabinet, that we added. The last two doors have the second coat of spackling on them and are waiting to be sanded. I am almost there! I wish I hadn't taken that break. :) We also have the siding
    on the wall on the dining room side and I am
    trying to figure out how to put up a shelf
    and have it line up with the one over the french doors and still have it cover where
    the trim for the plate rail was taken off.
    Oh well, the end is in sight and I can't
    wait! Thanks for sharing, your kitchen IS
    awesome and I love it!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. The kitchen re-do turned out great! You just HAD to love that blue stove, LOL!
    I think those are some of the prettiest pumpkins I've ever seen!

  3. The makeover looks great and the pumpkins are so cute. The snowman looks good, i love his nose.

  4. Wow, what a difference! So much lighter and pretty. You did good :-) Love that Snowman pillow!

  5. THe makeover looks fantastic! Great job!! In one of your past posts, you didn't paint the inside, did you end up leaving them that way? would you mind posting or sending me a photo of how your cabinets look when you open the doors? I'm working my way to paint my cabinets but I'm not sure if I should paint the insides or not. Thanks!