Friday, November 18, 2011

Finished SnowLady

She's all done.  There's only one item missing and it's a wooden star that once it comes in the mail, I will paint and add to her hat.
This is 4 year old grand daughter Ayden Grace with SnowLady
And Ayden wanted to take a picture of the SnowLady so the photo below is by her.  Good job Ayden!



  1. The snow lady is wonderful and so is little Ayden Grace.

  2. She is lovely! And Ayden Grace is beautiful! What a joy :)

  3. She turned out adorable I have 4 chenille bedspreads been wating to cut up and make things just have not found the time!!! Thank you for sharing and oh by the way your grand daughter hugging it is just precious!!!

  4. Oh wow, she's a big one! Nicely done babe. Looks like someone has already claimed her. That hat is awesome and reminds me of a photo posted earlier of a good lookin' lady posed in a hat :-)