Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mitten Applique Pillow And Christmas Decorations

 Finished up this Mitten applique pillow this evening.  Happy with the way it turned out.
It measures 16"x15" 
The appliqued mitten and snowman on a stick is done on tan felt. The snowman has French knot eyes, satin stitched nose and I've sewn itty bitty rusty bells on as 'buttons'.  His scarf is embroidery floss. 
The greenery is backstitched and the berries are French knots. 
The mitten is made of burgundy felt and red, green and gold homespun.  I stitched 2 snowflake buttons on the mitten. 
I hand stitched everything to tan felt then hand stitched to the homespun pillow.
A problem I seem to have lately is that I make things to sell....but then I want one too!
It took Tom and I two days to take all of our Christmas decorations down from the attic and get everything put up.  Tom takes care of all the outside 'stuff' and I put up the tree.  When 4 year old Ayden heard I was putting up the tree, she found it hysterical and said "This I gotta see, Gramma is soooooo OLD"  Ayden helped me for awhile yesterday but soon got bored and wanted to play on Doll House Maker on the computer.  I finished putting the tree up but had to wait until today to decorate it.  I had 4 sets of lights and not a one of them was working!
Tom picked me up four new sets today and this is our tree.
A good many ornies are ones I received in a Prim Mart ornie swap in 2008 & 2009 and some are ones that I made myself.  I also like to hang little pine cones and bells.
The large wooden snowman is one I purchased at the Washington County Fairgrounds Craft show last year.  The small spindle snowman is one I purchased last month on our Chicago trip.
The Santa screen I bought during our trip to Chicago as well.
Tom picked up the Christmas Teddies this summer at a flea market.  They are brand new with the tags still on them for $5 each.
2 year old Bella and Ayden like to play with these, lol
We have a mixture of 'prim' and 'new' decorations.  Tom doesn't mind my prim as long as I don't mind items he likes for us to diplay too.
On the sofa table on the right is a see saw that lights up, that he bought for $2 at the flea market.   On the end table is a musical carousel he also bought at the fleamarket for a few dollars.  He thought the grandkids would like these.
This is in the dining room.  Just a few things since it's a small room.  
This was my Christmas Bunco gift last year.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Holds cookies for a few weeks and then on Christmas Eve when the family comes over, it holds dips and crackers/cheese.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Everything looks so wonderful, guess i need to get my decorations out.


  2. Hi Denise, Love your pillow. Love your decorations, especially that tall woood snowman. Monica's like that too, after awhile it's "boring"!!!! I saved the kid's light bright and we were doing it and after awhile...."this is soooo lame!!!!" Kids are too computerized!!!!


  3. Love all of your decorations, mine also are a mixture of prim and others, just gotta have my glitter also. New carpet coming here on Friday, decorating is on hold until after that! Have a good week!

  4. Oh yes! And your pillow? Adorable!!!


  5. love that pillow, you can't beat that in a store LOL everything looks great!

  6. Isn't it just wonderful to have the little ones around to keep that Christmas spirit alive :)

    Love the cute!

  7. Love the pillow. All the decorations look great. I have my tree up and a few things out and hope to get the rest up in a day or two. I did the Primmart orie swap this year and am waiting for my box it should be here in a week or so.