Sunday, November 06, 2011

On The Road Again....

 Tom and I are currently in Maumee, Ohio.  Our destination will be St. Charles, IL on Tues.  We are road trippin' and antiquin'.  We stopped in Ravenna and Medina Ohio this afternoon and while I saw several things I was interested in, they were either pricey or without a price tag, which drives me crazy!!!!  They can't sell it to you without a tag and it's not like I can come back later.  :(
There's a Joann Fabrics nearby, so we stopped in there and I bought a new hot glue gun, some burgundy plush felt ( for my snowman/snowwoman pictured below) a few fabric quarters ( for some more pin cushions) and a couple 1/2 yd. pieces of Fall fabric for pumpkins for next season.  So much fabric was on sale, I could have went crazy!  I remembered to bring my coupons and even brought a Michaels.  I was told that Joannes no longer accepts them, bummer.
Anyway, I was all packed up and ready for our trip Friday night and Tom had a Pitt college football game to go to yesterday and my 11 year old gd Jordyn was spending the day with me.  My initial plan was to go to Pat Catan's a craft store in my area and then take Jordyn out to lunch or dinner.  The muffler 'broke' on my car so we were stuck sitting at home.  Jordyn didn't seem to mind though.  She 'chilled' all day, watching TV, listening to music on You Tube, and even took a 2 hour nap.  While she was napping, I worked on this snowman.
I cut up an old candlewick bedspread for the body and filled the bottom with sand so it would stand on it's own ( about 3 cups).  The pattern calls for using coffee beans for the eyes and mouth, which I don't have so I'm looking for something else to use ( besides buttons).  The plush felt I bought will be used to make 'her' hat.  Her nose is made using orange felt and is sewed on.
I will be looking for some greenery and berries to decorate her hat and scarf with.  Tom doesn't often have much to say about the items I make, but he really likes this one.
I ordered an Italian hoagie for Jordyn and my dinner and we watched A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black. 
Tom and I will be going to Red Lobster for dinner tonight ( if there isn't a long waiting list) and I want to watch Once Upon A Time tonight.  Tomorrow morning we will go to the Maumee Antique Mall for a few hours and then head on to South Bend IN to do more antiquing and spend the night.  
Have a good night!


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  1. Your road trip sounds like a wonderful time. I love your snowman so far , can't wait to see it when its finshed.